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Recent Comments We Have Received About This Page...

Here are a few of the recent comments we have received about this webpage. More will be posted as we receive them.

We may begin a guestbook sometime in the near future (if you would like to see one here, please e-mail us).

from Carla:

I have a story I HOPE I can relay to someone who is thinking about having an abortion. I am a very happily married 29 year old woman. My husband and me are VERY prolife, and never would consider abortion, but our views were run through the wringer about 3 years ago. I became pregnant with my first son, Daniel, and we were both very excited. My doctor convinced me to have a tri-screen test done to test for various birth defects, and, thinking it would do no harm went ahead and agreed to the test. It is just a simple blood test like many other NUMEROUS ones that are taken during your 9 months. Well, anyway, a couple weeks later my doctor calls me in for a consultation. I didn't think anything about it, but he told me that my triscreen results were abnormal, that I had a 1 in 160 chance of having a Down's Syndrome baby! Well, me and my husband were taken aback by all this, and he suggested I schedule a amniocentesis. I flat out told him abortion was not an option, but he still insisted I do this test to "find out how severe of a case we're dealing with, and if special measures would have to be taken at delivery." So, I called the hospital he referred me to and talked to them about the test. They told me there was a slight risk that the amniotic sac may be ripped by the needle and I would have a "spontaneous abortion". I proceeded to ask her how many "actually" happened, and she said that in her 3 years at the clinic she had seen 3 or 4! That was too many for me, so I asked her if I could have the test done later in the pregnancy, that way if the sac did rupture, the baby would live. She promptly replied "what's the use, they do this test early because you can only have an abortion up to 26 weeks!" I promptly told her no thank you, I wasn't interested in the test, and hung up the phone. I went in for my next doctor's visit and told the doctor "what will be will be!" and said I was not going to have ANY further tests. He seemed upset about it, and it made me wonder about his views on life. A few months later in February of '98 I delivered a very healthy, VERY NORMAL 8 lb 3 oz baby boy! The whole time I couldn't tell my inlaws about the whole thing, because they are pro choice and might have pushed me to have the tests and go through with an abortion. If you believe in life, stand strong beside it, don't let ANYONE change your mind or force you to do something you really don't want to do. Because when it's done, it's DONE, and there is nothing that you can do to change it.
Carla (
Wednesday, May 03, 2000 at 09:47:06 (EDT) from

from Rebecca:
Hello! I just happened on your site and want to say "thank you" for being here and to share our story with you.
At my 20 week ultrasound, my husband and I found out that we were having another boy and since everything looked all right to us (10 fingers, 10 toes, strong heartbeat, etc.) we were talking about the fact that it was okay to have another healthy boy, no disappointment that it wasn't a girl. The technician just kind of "mmm"ed, and we were concerned when she didn't say "yes, a healthy boy." My doctor, knowing that we would never consider abortion, was reluctant to even tell us that several things indicated that the baby might have Down Syndrome. But we went for another ultrasound and spoke with a genetic counselor to help determine if there, indeed, was a high risk for it. The geneticist was great at explaining what our family history meant and suggested that we might want to get tested for some other things before getting pregnant again (based on problems our siblings have had and my previous miscarriage). She never even discussed abortion with us.
The technician was very polite, pointing out all of baby's features and explaining what he was doing each time he took measurements. He told us that things were not dire, that there was really just a slim chance of Down Syndrome based on the measurements, but that we had to meet with the geneticist again. We then met a different geneticist, who gave us the news that it looked really bad, that there was a strong chance of problems, and that he recommended abortion. We were stunned, to say the least, and left the hospital shaken and confused. After consulting with my OB again, we decided to believe him and the second technician, but we started learning everything we could about Down Syndrome and preparing ourselves for the worst. I received excellent prenatal care, including repeated ultrasounds to monitor the baby's kidneys.
Evan James was born on February 7, and he is perfectly healthy. He was born with a mild case of hydronephrosis (fluid on the kidneys, which was the main indicator of Down Syndrome), which has resolved itself. He is developing normally and is beautiful, if only you could see him sitting on my lap as I type this.
How tragic that some parents might have aborted their baby after having been given the "bad news" by that geneticist. There is no explanation for his diagnosis, as we have discussed it with the first geneticist, who came to the same conclusion as our doctor. Perhaps he simply doesn't like even the remotest possibility of bringing even a slightly "imperfect" child into the world. Regardless of his motivation, we pray for him and the families he counsels. They need to know the truth.
Again, thanks for being there.

from Tammy:
I am carrying a baby with Triple X and although it may not be as handicapping as some other genetic conditions, I felt very handicapped by all of the pressure from my very own family to terminate a pregnancy which they said would not result in a "perfect" baby. I can't count the days I spent crying wishing they could understand why I would not consider abortion and support myself and my husband in our decision. Thank you so much for your website. It's beautiful just like my new baby will be. I need all the support and encouragement possible during this time. Thank you.

From Tom:
"I was just browsing the down-syn list and noticed the link to the numberslady page. I was intrigued by the url so I had to go check it out.

What a powerful website! Thank you so much for your willingness to take such an clear positive stance on this terribly controversial subject!"

From Carolyn:
"I really like your pro-life page!! Just wanted to say that :)"

From Beverly:
"I went to your website and was very touched by what I saw. I would love to have you look at my website at http://www.XXXXXX then click on Sara's Page.
When I was 17 weeks pregnant with Sara, my husband and I were told that she would most likely have Down Syndrome, based on the AFP, level 2 ultrasound, and heart defect that was confirmed. Her story is on that web page. I would love to have you add a link to her page, if you would like. The page is still undergoing some changes, because I'm no pro at html, but hopefully, it will only get better.
Thanks for your interest."

From Don:
"Praise Jesus for you and your website!"

From Franie:
Hi! My husband and I are the parents of nine very beautiful adopted children. Five of these children have Down Syndrome.

I visited your site for the first time today, and I will definitely be back! It is wonderful to see an alternative to selective abortion sites. I have found these very offensive.

Everyone of our children have brought us nothing but happiness. It amazes people, because we chose handicapped children to love and raise. Three of our daughters have Spina Bifida. Another daughter is from a disrupted adoption here in NC. She is eight years old, from China and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We also believe she has been sexually abused.....

Once again, your site was wonderful. I will definitely share it with others.
I just wanted to say that is not true that T-18 is incompatible with more than a few hours or days of life outside the womb. While T-18 does cause many serious problems and frequently results in spontaneous miscarriage early in pregnancy or death before or immediately after birth, this is not always the case.

Some children with t-18 may live for several years (we have family friends who through aggressive medical management kept their daughter with them for almost 7 years, and I know a mom from the 'net whose three-year-old son with the mosaic form of this disorder is medically fragile but thriving, walking, and developing a large sign language vocabulary.)

From Sharon:
a big THANKS to you for continuing your PRO-life work! You are one of my heroes! (remember me fron the ...... newsgroup..?).

Keep up the great work - God Bless you!


From Carmen:
I found your site through somebody on a Catholic newsgroup, and I just wanted to say GRACIAS!! (thank you) for this Website!! I delivered my precious daughter Rosa on Februarry 20, 1997 at 40 weeks, who was born with Trisomy 18. My doctors predicted she would die but she is still alive and growing! I am so, so happy to have find your site because I find one last year that really had me very disturbed. It was for women who has aborted their babies and were proud to have done it!! I could not believe it!! I was so upset, I signed their guestbook to let them know what I thought, and when I went back later, I found they had changed what I said to say I LIKED their homepage! It made me wonder how many of the other messages there were for real. Can you tell me if you have any groups to give support for women like me with children that are dissabled? I live in -------, and would like to get together with others. Thank you so much, again, for doing this homepage. I will pray for all of you, and for everyone who comes here. Viva Cristo Rey!

From Helen:

I found this website through one of the pro-life links on another site. I am SO HAPPY this site is here!! I live in Kansas, and here we have "Dr." George Tiller here in Wichita (also known out here as "Tiller the Killer"). This excuse for a "doctor" does almost excluisvely THIRD trimester abortions!! He gets a lot of referrals from doctors whose patients want to kill their unborn babies because of birth defects. We picket his office on a regular basis, and I have felt many times there should be some sort of campaign to educate women who want to kill their unborn that have a disability. Which is why I was SO GLAD to find your website! I will let everyone here know about what you have developed here on the Internet!

From Marlene:

I loved Elijah's story!

From Mari-lynn:

Only three days on the Internet and the very first web-sites I go to are yours! Thanks for telling me about them! I love this one especially. Did you know that some of the prenatal testing can actually cause birth defects? If anyone doubts me on that, just check out: OBGYN News, October 15-31, 1991;, also September 15, 1996; Wall Street Journal, June 21, 1991; and American Journal of OBGYN, July 1993. Keep up the good work on your sites!

From May:


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