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Brian's Story

Well where do I begin? I guess the moment I realized I was pregnant with a son. I have two daughters and my husband and I were trying for our son. We scheduled a twenty week ultrasound to determine the sex of our child. During the procedure, the technician told us it was definitely a boy. We were so HAPPY!

The next day, I got a call from the O.B. and he wanted me to have a level II ultrasound. I asked him "why", and he said, "I believe there is a size difference in the heart chambers, you need a more sophisticated test". At this time, I didn't know what to think - I just said O.K., let's arrange another ultrasound.

One week later I went to a Neonatalogist and had the ultrasound. I started with a technician, then the doctor, then another doctor, then a cardiologist. I was wondering what was going on and no one would say for sure. Finally, the neonatalogist said, "We believe your son has a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome . I had no idea what he was talking about! He said these children have no chance for survival after being born. I was Devistated. The cardiologist over heard and corrected him, saying that there is a palliative surgery Norwood Operation for these children that can prolong life. We had a amniocentesis to rule out Down Syndrome. This day was a total nightmare. My husband and I would never have any intentions of terminating a pregnancy without giving the child a chance in the world. We believe the Lord will take care of everything.

My pregnancy took a complete turn, constant ultrasounds and fetal echo's was the new thing. We induced labor on August 1, 1996 the day I would never forget. I had a beautiful baby boy who weighed in at 7 lb. 9 oz., 19-1/2" long. I held him only briefly before they swept him off to get stabilized and start medications to keep his PDA open.

Brian had his Norwood Procedure on his 6th day of Life. He did very well and came home 11 days later. Dr. Michel Ilbawi has had such great results with HLHS children, I'm so glad we were in his care.

Brian had his Modified Glenn Procedure at 6 mos. old on February 3, 1997. He came home in 5 days from this surgery. Our only setbacks were at home when Brian had nasty viruses (Rota, RSV). Brian will have the Fontan (HLHS) procedure by 2 years of age.

March 15, 1998- Update

Brian had his next PC appointment last week. He is doing very well, and we will be scheduling his Catheterization for early June. We will probably have our Fontan (3rd Stage) in late June early July of 1998.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing prayers.

To all of you parents of these children, we have miracles and I for one would love to talk to you about our precious gifts from Heaven.

Laura & Jeff
parents to Kristine, Jennifer and Brian