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18 October 2017
On the occasion of the anniversary of Nigel & Chris Sobchack's work anniversary

"A true friend is a special blessing that lasts a lifetime.
No matter what, they are there for you in every way."

You have been my tech and my guide on and off stage now for 17 years, through thick and thin.
Most of all, you have been my dear friend. You will be always be that to me.
Thank you for sharing this special journey with me, and always having my back.
Schanda and I are so thankful for your presence in our lives.
Bless you, dear boy.


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Congratulations to Nigel on his 2000th concert with Elton on 9 November, 2014
in St. Petersburg, Russia!


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Video rarity: Elton, Dee, & Nigel
Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden,1971

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