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Phew!! I finally got around to getting the computer on my own. My owners seem to be on it for ages and I never seem to get a look in. But things have changed!!!

I've been experimenting with a few things lately and am learning something new everyday. I really love the page on animal humour and get a laugh everytime I revisit the page. I've even learned some new tricks!! My mother started carrying me around on her shoulder a long time ago and I really loved it. Now when she stands at the window, I love running up her back as I love being somewhere high. It's a great place to watch the birds from, but I pretend not to hear when she mutters something about 'scratches all over my back' and 'Pyewacket, your claws are going to be clipped'. I've got them again. I have a great life and I am spoilt rotten. The family that I own don't care if I shred the lounge and eat my food at the bench. I think they do really, but I prefer just to ignore them. If my mum leaves my meat (or theirs!!!) defrosting on the bench I love going and helping myself to it. It is always so much better when I snitch it.!! Boy can I get away with it. Right now I'd better pretend I'm asleep and get off this machine.!

I was born on the 18th of May 1996 at a place called Reedy Creek near the Gold Coast of Queensland. These lovely people took me away from my mother and I was so upset. As it turned out things never could have been better. I only get the best of everything. I really love rump steak and I would rather starve than eat canned muck. I really know how to wrap them around my paw.!!
I love getting out in the sun and rolling around the grass. My people mum and dad don't let me out on my own as they are scared I will run away. I don't think I'd go very far as I don't like the Shitzu over the back fence very much. My sister had to jump the fence one night to get me. She had a good winge about splinters in her hands, I don't know why she carried on so much!! Nicki should have been me when I tried to escape once and got my tail stuck in the door. I lost about 1.5 inches off the end of it. Mum reckons the bill hurt more than the accident. Now she has a phobia about open doors...boy these people are funny animals arent they !!!! I have met lots of Pyewacket's on the net, I thought maybe we should form our own elite Pyewacket's club... What do you think???

Remembering you Zeke April 1984 -Nov 1997 our Imperial Siamese Leader


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