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 by Kathryn Burkhead

Kara Rosenberg and Sharon Seymour graciously offered the use of
their suite in Reno, so 15 interested CATESOL conferences attendees gathered  for
the debut of  CATESOL's newest interest group, TEACHING ENGLISH IN THE
WORKPLACE.   Karen Barroso, board-appointed coordinator and well-know
advocate for standards in workplace education, was unable to attend, so the
meeting was led by Bet Messmer.

Bet began the meeting with introductions while Kris Pemberton
provided secretarial assistance.  Kara Rosenberg explained interest groupsí
roles and information.  TEW-IG is open to all CATESOL members interested in
participating in the exchange of ideas and information relevant to developing
and delivering effective ESL workplace programs.

An hour-long group discussion revealed a broad spectrum of member
concerns, desires, requests, and expectations including the following:

· Set up communication for exchange ideas and information with one another
through the CATESOL TEW-IG webpage, the CATESOL Journal, and/or online
discussion lists
· Foster connections and share resources
· Publish workplace related articles in the CATESOL Journal
· Present workplace content at CATESOL annual conference
· Develop professional standards for effective workplace programs
· Locate local resources and model programs
· Advocate workplace education for employees in the community
· Exchange information and offer support to one another
· Assist newcomers to the field

Elections were held for 2000.  Coordinator-elect is Kathryn
Burkhead, Editor/Publicity Coordinator, Diane Andrews and Ginny Sandis,
Treasurer-Secretary, Lynne Wilkins.

Welcome from Karen Barroso:

As coordinator of TEW-IG, I welcome all members to our exciting new interest
group. Our membership totals about 65 - a great start! I hope everyone will
become an active member in TEW-IG, writing for the CATESOL Journal,
presenting at conferences and sharing ideas. How exciting to have a state
forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertinent to teaching ESL in
the workplace!

If you are interested in workplace education, access our interest group on
the CATESOL Web page and mark our interest group when
filling out your CATESOL membership application.

For information about TEW-IG contact Karen Barroso at <itapaci@aol .com> or
Kathryn Burhead at <ktracyb@aol .com>.

Karen Barroso
TEW-IG, Coordinator

CATESOL Board Meeting  June 6: Report to TEW-IG
from Karen Barroso


CATESOL News :  Article Deadline Nears
Dates of Future Events
Calls for presenters and abstracts will be coming out soon for the following events.  Let's have a high profile with lots of presentations!

pah 6/14/99