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Future N.E.W. Meetings

November 4th - Catesol No. Regional Conference - Fremont Adult School, Fremont
FAQ's About What it Really Takes to Teach English in the Workplace
Gloria De La Ysla Heistein, InterLect, De Anza College; Annie Gardiner, ESL On-Site; Elizabeth Whalley, PhD, San Francisco State University.

Join a group of consultants for a workshop on Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ's) for Teaching English in the Workplace. Both newcomers and veterans are invited to this interactive discussion to critique a draft of an FAQ brochure that will be available on TEW and NEW websites. Presenters represent  ESL On-Site, InterLect; San Francisco State; and a Silicon Valley group, NEW (Network of Educators in the Workplace); and TEW (Teachers of English in the Workplace). Handouts provided.
Room: Room 27
Time: 9:00-10:00

Calendar for Jan-July 2001

Jan. 19, 2001 - Day
Topic:   Executive ESL Coaching
Speaker:  needed
Facilitator: Ginny Sandis
Please contact Ginny if you would like to be a speaker:  (e-mail:

Mar. 16, 2001 - Day
Topic:  ROI
Speaker:  Annie Gardiner, ESL On-Site, Inc.

April 19-22, 2001
Catesol State Conference in Ontario, CA
November 1st -deadline to submit proposals.

May 17, 2001- Eve.
Topic and Speaker TBA

July 19, 2001 - Eve
Topic: Planning for 2001-2002
 Election of NEW Steering Team
 Website & Topics

 Suggested future topics:
· Teamwork and/or Problem Solving in the Workplace - Trends and Fashions
· Difficult students or clients - problem  solving and strategies
· Current controversies regarding speaking English in the Workplace
· Current research in the field of ESP
· Setting fees and negotiating contracts
· Action Research for Workplace Educators
· Course design & development --how the Net has impacted Instructional Design

Please contact Gloria Heistein (e-mail: if you can present or facilitate one of the above topics.
Other suggestions are also welcome.

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updated: Nov. 3, 2000