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N. E. W. (Network of Educators in the Workplace)

Newsletter – April, 1999
by Kathryn Burkhead

 March Meeting Notes

Many thanks to basic skills consultant, Gloria Burgoon, for an insightful
presentation of factors to consider when working with low-level
literacy students.  Gloria led the group through an exercise of identifying
8 learning challenges that impede a person's ability to process
information needed to read, write, calculate, see patterns and make
inferences.  Participants were given a brief scenario of how clues for
"learning disabilities" should alert the trainer to seek professional advice
and diagnosis.  A follow-up session in which case studies could be dealt
with in greater depth would be a welcome topic for a future meeting.

Thanks to Gennie Dean and Jenny Hopkinson for providing refreshments.

Our Web Site

Pat Hendriks has revamped our website and it is already showing great progress!
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Future Events

April Meeting

Topic:  TESOL and CATESOL: Sharing Resources, Ideas, and Materials
Facilitated by: Alex Scott and Sonja Levinger
Date Thursday, April 22
Time 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Location: Chef Wang’s Restaurant, 5100 El Camino, Los Altos.  (650-965-2689)
Call Alex Scott or the restaurant for directions if you need them.
RSVP: Alex Scott – 650-858-1272 or Kathryn Burkhead 480-528-0359
Cost: $15.00 per person: Buffet with tea, tip and tax included.

If you attended TESOL in New York or are planning to attend CATESOL in Reno,
Sonja and Alex invite you to participate in the April meeting. Conferences offer so many
opportunities to learn from others. However, how can an individual take advantage of all
that is offered?  Contact Sonja Levinger (650-947-8644) or Alex Scott and offer to share
some of the good information and materials you have.

May Meeting

Topic: A Primer on Distance Learning: Kathleen Miranda and Kathryn Burkhead
Date, Time and Location: May 21st from 1-3, Santa Clara Ed Options, Room 15
1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara

Workplace Conference Organizational Meeting Notes: March 19th

Attendees: Kathleen Miranda, Kathryn Burkhead, John Wiley, Kris Pemberton, Bet  Messmer, Nancy Newsome, Diane Andrews, Pat Hendriks and Karen Barroso  Discussion included maintaining a focus on ESL business issues and solutions, securing presenters and panelists who offer solutions including on-site training, distance learning, intensive courses, and Community College or University classes.  Next meeting will be at Mission College at 3 pm on April 9th.  All interested NEW members are welcome!    Contact Karen Barroso or Kathleen Miranda for more information.

CATESOL – Central Coast, Steinbeck Chapter

The chapter plans to present the 2000 Spring Conference and invites CATESOL members in our area to participate in the event.

Please contact Mary Jahr-Purvis at 831-899-2403 if you want more information about this event.

NEW - Looking for leaders for 1999- 2000

For N.E.W. to continue serving you with programs in 1999-2000, planning must begin soon.  The steering team usually meets in the summer to plan programs for the following year, so should be in place by the end of June, 1999.  Several members of the current steering team have indicated they will no longer serve as active leaders in 1999-2000.

This is a great opportunity for N.E.W. members to bring their leadership skills to the group.   As a member of the steering team, you will help with planning monthly programs, coordinating the newsletter or the website, organizing refreshments or taking care of membership for the next year.

Please contact Bet Messmer (408-243-3981) Karen Barosso (510-790-2686) or Kathleen Miranda (408-268-8884) or any member of the steering team to find out more.   Planning will begin in June for next year.

N.E.W. Inquiry

The steering team would like to know more about your professional needs and priorities.  Please take a few minutes to think about the following inquiry and e-mail/respond to Karen Barosso or Kathryn Burkhead.

What does N.E.W. do or provide for you?  Is there something MORE you would like?  Add your comments, suggestions, or concerns below.

a) …source of professional development for workplace and business (meetings, materials, techniques, methodology, conferences, training, etc)?

b) ...source of information on business and workplace issues in ESL?

c) ...source of employment or hiring?

d) ...opportunity to share and explore with others of similar interests?

e)   ...venue for promoting yourself, your services or your organization?

f)    Comments?  Suggestions?  Concerns?

Please indicate the priority of your responses.  For example, if you answer a), b), and c) and b) is the most important to you, and c) is the least important of your three answers, indicate this as b), a), c).  Anything you omit will indicate your lack of interest in that item.

PRIORITY: ________________________________________

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last updated April 21, 1999