The Many Pages of Mirax/Melody/Michiru/Samantha
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The Many Pages of Mirax/Melody/Michiru/Samantha

Guess what? I'm moving to a new page, so this one will disappear soon. The new address will be , but its not up yet.

Michiru's Fanfic Archive & Outer Senshi Central

These are my pet fluffs ^_^:

Tinky & Daisy

I went to see the new movie "Titanic" and it was absolutely great! Here's a link to the movie site, and some other Titanic sites.

You are the-th person to pass through. Feel special.

Hey, I know there should be some of you Silver Senshi stopping by looking for the tables. Yup, they're here!
Silver Senshi Stats Tables

One of the greatest Sailormoon Link Lists around:

The Anime Web Turnpike (AniPike)

Proud Supporter Of Sailor Moon Universe!

Complete Star Wars WWW Listing
The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing

Oooooh, something new!(warning: incomplete)The....
~*~HI!!!~*~ Pages!!

Also, there's some cool links here:
Friends' Pages & Other Cool Stuff ^_^

A Sad Poem

Wanna talk to me? Yell at me?(Not an invitation, Jackie)You can do all this by clicking below... (oooo, a link! ^_^)

You can reach me at:

Clubs 'n' Stuff

(All the stuff my pages or me are in are on the same page, the links the same on all the pages)

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This is the MFA book, but thats ok...

You are listening to the Seaquest DSV theme just cause I like it. ^_^