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Welcome to my South Park Page!

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The Main Characters

Stan Marsh: The generally sane and normal one of the group. He normally brings them together for the positive message at the end of every episode. Has an older sister Shelley

Kenny McCormick: Has the misfortune of dying in almost every episode. His family is poor but thankfully the neoprene ski jacket smothers his foul mouth.

Kyle Broslofski: Being Jewish in South Park means being lonely and depressed at Christmas but has his fun taunting Cartman. He has a younger brother, Ike.

Eric Cartman: A little too sensitive about his weight, to which he believes is because he is big boned, and the dysfunctional family provides the ammunition for the taunts he gets.

Les Claypool: Welcomes us to each episode with that southern style jig.

Characters at School

Chef: Working in the school cafeteria gives him a good opportunity to help the boys with their problems, and often with a song about hot and steamy love. He apparently gets a lot of this.

Mr.Garrison & Mr.Hat: Teacher of the third grade and the class the boys attend. Often dominated by Mr. Hat his hand puppet, he is a very Christian-anti-homosexual.

Wendy Testaburger: The smart-ass in class but not necessarily the teachers pet. Nausea gets between her and Stan being an item.

School Counselor: Helps with the mental health, see? In a calm and rational manner, ok?

Ms.Crabtree: The schoolbus driver, always cranky and late.

Pip: Annoying British third-grader.

Ms.Ellen: Temporary relieving teacher

Principal Victoria: The unseen head of South Park Elementary

The Cows: South Park Elementary's mascot and general victims.

Sounds-Hold Shift and click on a sound link to download it.Videos and more sounds are coming soon!!

Kenny McCormick:

Bathroom Explosion

Kenny drinking gas

Eric Cartman:

Smokin' Crack

Gun in 'nam

Bitch, get in the kitchen!!

Kick ass!

Of course I want Cheesepoofs!!

Kyle Broslofski:

Hey Stan...

Stan Marsh:

Speaking of poundin' ass...


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