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Venom7's piece of Cyberspace

My List

Welcome to my first Internet website! The reason you see my nickname with an I is because I saw somewhere in cyberspace a page titled "Scorponok's lab" and I just didn't want any confusion between the two. So why Scorpinok? Well, my big brother chose "Darkwing" as his nickname. Over time, he gave me these reasons why he thought I might like to be known as "Scorpinok":
  1. I was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio
  2. During summer nights, I like to watch the constellation of Scorpius in the southern skies
  3. Since the 2 of us are so into the Transformers, he chose Darkwing and since there are 2 'con characters named Scorponok (the G1 Headmaster and the BW Predacon) he thought I might like this.
One night he asked me, "since you know my nickname is Darkwing, would you mind if I called you Scorpinok?" I told him, "no, it's something that I had also been thinking about." And that's why I'm the Headmaster of this page. Well, okay, since all this net stuff is new to me, I let my godmaster brother help me too. :o) [an error occurred while processing this directive]

My Transformers

Note: these are NOT for sale at all!
Metroplex (w/ Scamper, Slammer and Sixgun), Rodimus Prime, Wheelie, 
Seaspray, Beachcomber, Devastator (Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, 
Scavenger, Long Haul and Hook), Cosmos, Flamefeather, Soundwave, Buzzsaw, 
Pounce, Fizzle, 
Swindle, Afterburner, Bumblebee, gobot Ironhide, Mirage, Frenzy, 
gobot Bumblebee, gobot Sideswipe, Sludge, Starscream, gobot Soundwave, 
Gearhead, High Beam, cyberjet Air Raid, Jetfire, Double Clutch, 
Hooligan, Snarl, Skyjack, Space Case, Strafe, 
Beast Wars
Polar Claw, Scorponok, gorilla Optimus Primal, Blackarachnia, Snapper, 
crocodile Megatron, Tigatron, Razorbeast, Rhinox, Onyx Primal, Claw Jaw,
bat Optimus Primal, Armordillo, Terrorsaur, Airazor, Insecticon, Dinobot, 
tml Megatron - signed by David Kaye, Quickstrike, videopack Razorclaw, 
Mcmetal Scorponok, Mcmetal Blackarachnia, Mcmetal Dinobot, Noctorro, 
fuzor Silverbolt (signed by Scott McNeil), tml Terrorsaur, tml Rattrap 
(signed by Scott McNeil), Rampage, tml Tarantulas, tml Airazor, Optimus 
Minor, tml2 Cheetor, Ramulus, Inferno (signed by Jim Byrnes), Windrazor, 
Sandstorm, Jawbreaker, tml2 Spittor, tml2 Megatron, Nightglider, white 
tml2 Dinobot, black tml2 Prowl
Machine Wars
Hubcap, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Prowl
European Transformers
Spark  and  Colossus (Generation2)
Japanese Transformers
Junior hero set (Chromedome, Convoy and Fortress Maximus), bwII Thrust,
Convoy; Prime of Justice (G2 Hero Optimus Prime), Megatron; Emperor of 
Destruction (G2 Hero Megatron), Rattle (Rattrap) - signed by Scott McNeill, 
Shadow Panther, Drillnuts, Magunabosu (Liojunior, Skywarp and Santon), 
Max B, Tripledacus (DJ, Motorarm and Gimlet), Thrustor, Bazooka, Saberback, 
Longrack, Cybershark, G2 Roadpig, G2 Roadrocket, Killerpunch, Stampy, Sling, 
Bighorn, BWII Starscream and BB
Other transforming robots from Takara
Liner Dugon (Dugturbo, Dugarmor and Dugwing merged) - from the Dugon line
I sincerely believe that the Transformers are cool. I've loved them ever since my big bro introduced them to me in early 1993. I may have been born around the time when they were originally released but I love them as if I had been a kid then. Someday I vow to have them all. Until then, "bah weep graagnah weep ni ni bang!"
Under construction by The Master Builders - Hoist and Grapple! Rest assured, more information will be on the way. 'Til all are one!
Disclaimer: The Transformers logos, names, images, toys and the like are all registered trademarks of Takara, Hasbro and Kenner. No copyright infringement is intended. It is the responsibility of me, Igal S. Alberto. This netpage is solely for informative and fun purposes only. =)
This homepage was created on 08/09/97 at 1:12 p.m. Last update: 12/31/99

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