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The Colt Defender model now offers the power and performance of a full-sized .45 ACP pistol in a compact, lightweight carry model.

This model is truly a shooter's firearm, and is a perfect firearm for Cowboy Action Shooting. Own the firearm that won the West at a distinctively affordable price. You can get this next month, August 1998.
This enhanced model is a perfect combination of weight, excellent features and supreme reliability out of the box.
This firearm offers you a snubnose pocket revolver in .357 magnum caliber.
Anacondas come standard drilled and tapped. This ported 8" model is shown with optional Colt Optics Scope and Mount.
In 1963 the AR-15 and the M16 .223 automatic rifles ”made Colt the small-arms sensation in modern warfare." Their unmatched accuracy, performance and durability are available in their direct descendent, the Colt semiautomatic-only sporting rifles. They’re ideal for hunting and competition shooting.
Today's Colt .22s live in the Woodsman's tradition, with performance and accuracy that will make the properly trained first-time shooter proud.
This enhanced version of the classic Colt Model 1911 is fine-tuned and accessorized to be competition-ready.

for more info on these guns Please see colt's homepage