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Four Corners

Some of my fave links and links for my page

My picture gallery
My fanfic page A New Story Added
My page of Pranks committed against the Magnificent Seven (small fanfics)
The Magnificent Seven Milk Ads (as designed by myself) hehehe
Hear the Authors speak! Our Mag Seven fanfic authors speak!
Poltergeist: The Legacy Fanfiction Library
My Methos page
The Brewery- My Sentinel webpage
The USS Fairburn. A fanfic writing project I'm working on with friends.
The Magnificent Seven (Tirya's Page)
A Street Justice Fanpage (A Carl Weather's series. You probably loved the show so go check out the page)

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Hello everyone out there! I'm Marianne. And while I'm more experienced at this webpage thing I still make mistakes so if something fails to work email me.

LONG LIVE VIN! Sorry. I'm one of his Vixens and we are a very vocal bunch trust me.
Well on this site I've got some Magnificent (pardon the pun) galleries of the Seven.
Plus a page of pranks I've played on them. (With a couple partners in fanfics) The link is on this page.
We're into a new prank season now. Several more have been added to my page. Feel free to swing by and take a look. And yes more pranks are in the works.
Get your picture pranks here! I have come up with a few picture pranks! Go to the Magnificicent Seven Got Milk ads in the links above to see what I mean.

Hee hee hee..I won awards. I feel so special now.


Ok. Paramount...You're a great company. Being that Star Trek and all it's variations came out of your company but you must be stopped. Fan sites are what's keeping the shows popular and if you don't stop attacking them. You'll lose fan support. So all fans who agree, go here.

These two fine specimens are Vin Tanner and Chris Larabee. They're pretty much the leaders of the Magnificent Seven. Chris is the guy in the black. The actors in case you didn't know are Eric Close and Michael Biehn, respectively.
Now this here's Buck (Dale Midkiff). He's one of the Magnificent Seven. He's the scoundrel more girls than you can shake a stick at. But hey! He's a sweetie.

Meet Ezra (Anthony Starke). He's the gambler/con artist of the Seven. Watch your money around Ezra. Or he'll swindle it outta ya! Meet the rest of the Seven on my gallery page. (see link above)
Ok. I have some friends to introduce you to..Meet my friends. Vin and JD

This here's Vin. He's named after Vin on the Magnificent Seven. I named him Vin cause he's relaxed like Vin. Oh! In case you're wondering...Vin's a fluff. Ya know.. Dust Bunny.

And this is JD. He's also named after JD on the Magnificent Seven. I named HIM..JD cause well..he reminds me of JD.....Very VERY hyper.

This is my spare Guestbook. If the other one doesn't work at the time of your visit (which it has a tendency to do) sign this one!)
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