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From Riches To...Denim

Humming the tune of a waltz, Ezra poured a little more hot water into his bath. As one of the few gentlemen in town, the cardshark took great care in his grooming. He bathed on a regular basis and had his clothes cleaned while he was being cleaned.
    "Mr.Standish," A squeaky voice spoke behind him. "Your clothes are ready sir."
Ezra heard the rustle of a skirt and then a chair being moved closer.
"They're on the chair sir," The squeaky voiced woman spoke again.
    "Thank you my dear lady. A tip shall be forthcoming once I have finished my toilet."
    The skirts swished away and Ezra relaxed back into the tub.

    The young maid closed the door behing it and then released her shoulder length light brown hair from the kerchief that she'd tied it up in.
    She then removed the over sized dress she'd been wearing over her own clothes and grinned.
    "Gotcha..." She said softly before slipping away.

    Chris Larabee was just passing by the bathhouse when he heard the yell.
    Instantly he pulled his gun and ran inside.
    Bursting into the room he found Ezra standing there wrapped in a towel holding up some clothes in disgust.
    "Somethin' wrong Ezra?" He inquired amused.
    "LOOK AT THIS!" The southerner yelled."These aren't my clothes!!! WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES!!!!!"
    Chris surveyed the denim pants that Ezra held and then walked over to pick up the matching shirt that lay on the chair. "Seems to me these aren't so bad." He commented.
    "Yes...FOR A RANCH HAND!!! For a gentlemen of my stature they are entirely inappropriate!" Ezra said huffily.
    "Well tough," Chris said calmly. "You're gonna have to wear 'em for now. Unless of course you'd like to walk around Four Corners in a towel."
    Ezra glared at him. "That, Mr.Larabee was not at all humorous."
    Chris grinned. "Maybe not. But that's what you're gonna have to do now ain't it?"
    "I shall join you outside momentarily." Ezra said reluctantly.
    Chris nodded and stepped outside.
    Looking around he spotted the abandoned dress and kerchief. Picking up the kerchief he gave it a small sniff. "Hmmmm. Herbal shampoo. There's only one lady I know that uses herbal shampoo that would pull this kind of a stunt." He laughed softly.
    Moments later Ezra came out and Chris was careful to make sure he didn't see the kerchief. Better he find out on his own.
    They walked out of the bathhouse into the sunlight, Ezra grumbling the entire time.
    He and Chris headed for the saloon. Chris to drink, Ezra to go his room to change.
    As they passed a small alley between two buildings they never noticed two heads rise up from behind one of the barrels.

    Marianne grinned at Nutmeg. "Told ya it'd be fun." She said with a small laugh. "Did you get your half done?"
    Nutmeg opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by another yell from above the saloon.
    "I'll take that as a yes." Marianne said with another grin.
    "So when do we give them back?" Nutmeg said laughing.
    "Oh.." Marianne considered the question. "How's about...tonight?"
    "Na...tomorrow." Nutmeg offered.
    Marianne nodded and they shook on it. "So where'd you stash them?"
    "Buck's room. It's not like he sleeps there enough to notice anyway." Nutmeg said with a shrug.
    "Slapstick...I think this partnership is working out better than either one of us could have expected." Marianne considered.
    "You said it PIC," Nutmeg grinned. "Let us mosey over the the saloon and look innocent. "
    "Yep. Let's." Marianne responded and the two young women wandered casually across the street to slip inside the saloon.....

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