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Prem's Faves for 2009
{no particular order}
KUSF San Francisco, 90.3FM
Band/Artist Release Record Label Prem's Spew
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound When Sweet Sleep Returned Tee Pee Records a heavy dose of powerful psychedelic retro rock, bringing to mind elements of Ten Years After with a hard rocking edginess built upon folk and blues roots; transfixing guitar overlaid with sheets of Hammond organ sound, thunderous electric bass, reverb-heavy vocals/backing vocals, and powerful drums with unexpected but welcome additions of haunting flute riffs, theremin, viola, vibraphone, tamboura drone, and ebow
Sir Richard Bishop The Freak of Araby Drag City [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Broun Fellinis DOTABATA Broun Fellinis [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Nels Cline Coward Cryptogramophone [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Patrick Cress' Telepathy Alive and Teething [available by download only] [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Dan Deacon Bromst Carpark Records [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Brian Dewan Words of Wisdom Eschatone Records [Prem's Spew coming soon; 2007 release]
Diamond Watch Wrists Ice Capped at Both Ends Warp [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Down Trodden String Band Land of the Sky Down Trodden String Band [Prem's Spew coming soon; 2008 release]
Evangelista Prince of Truth Constellation [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Mark Growden Saint Judas Porto Franco [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Jono El Grande Neo Dada Rune Grammofon [Prem's Spew coming soon]
JouJou Mellifluous JouJou from lovely to lucid to looming, melancholy to merry, the female vocal focus of this a cappella quartet shifts from Hungarian to Spanish lullabies, from Portuguese to Ladino work songs, and from Georgian to Armenian love songs while other cultural influences include Greek, medieval French pagan, Scottish Gaelic, Macedonian, Lebanese, Bulgarian, Irish Gaelic, and Mongolian with not a word of English; the 17 songs include solos as well, with duets and trios interspersed throughout recordings brimming with graceful glissandi and heartfelt harmonies
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, and Dan Rathbun Ravish Twelve Cups Records [Prem's Spew coming soon; 2008 release]
Kronos Quartet Floodplain Nonesuch [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Mitch Marcus Quintet Countdown 2 Meltdown Porto Franco [Prem's Spew coming soon]
P.O.S Never Better Rhymesayers [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Pyramids with Nadja Pyramids with Nadja Hydra Head [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Rubik Dada Bandits Fullsteam Records [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions Southern Lord [Prem's Spew coming soon]
Taken by Trees East of Eden Rough Trade [Prem's Spew coming soon]
2 Foot Yard Borrowed Arms 2 Foot Yard [Prem's Spew coming soon; 2008 release]
Rich West Mayo Grout's Known Universe pfMENTUM [Prem's Spew coming soon]
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