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Monday, 11/24/08, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Insect Warfare Repulsed by Radiation Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution (CD), 2006 [CD reissue of this EP contains bonus material from other EPs, etc. from 2005-2006]
Marco Oppedisano Cityscape The Ominous Corner (CD), 2008
Windy & Carl Champion Songs for the Broken Hearted (CD), 2008
Mogwai Batcat The Hawk Is Howling (CD), 2008
Six Organs of Admittance Hum a Silent Prayer Compathía (CD), 2003
Cian Nugent When the Snow Melts and Flows Downstream Imaginational Anthem Volume Three (Compilation CD), 2008
R.L. Burnside Crying Won't Make Me Stay Mississippi Hill Country Blues (CD), 1984
Bob Brozman Poor Me The Rough Guide to Bottleneck Blues|Slide Guitar: Original Legends & Modern Masters (Compilation CD), 2005 [track is taken from Brozman's 2006 album "Blues Reflex"]
Syd Barrett Maisie Barrett (CD), 1970
Myles Boisen Highway Trio Past-Present-Future (CD), 2003
Laika & the Cosmonauts Psyko Cosmopolis 1988-2008 (CD), 2008
The Phantom Surfers Klingons vs. Daleks A Decade of Quality Control, 1988-1998 (LP), 1998
Olekranon As Is Cohesion (CD-R), 2008
Rube Waddell Born to Suffer Bound for the Gates of Hell (CD), 2001
The Crooked Jades Shallow Brown World's on Fire (CD), 2006
Calexico Contention City Carried to Dust (CD), 2008
Scott DuBois Old Man on Platform Banshees (CD), 2008
Gojogo Aviary All Is Fair (CD), 2006
Deerhoof Eaguru Guru Offend Maggie (CD), 2008
Duchess Says Gilbert Anthologie de 3 Perchoirs (CD), 2008
Grampall Jookabox I'm Absolutely Freaked Out Ropechain (CD), 2008
Interview with/"Live in KUSF Studio B" performance by David Boyce of the Broun Fellinis
David Boyce Druse Live in KUSF Studio B, 2008
David Boyce Ka Live in KUSF Studio B, 2008
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