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Monday, 9/1/08, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
The Bulgarian Voices [Angelite] & Moscow Art Trio with Huun-Huur-Tu 300 Puskhki Mountain Tale (CD), 1999
Performer: Schola Cantorum San Francisco
Composer: Trond Kverno
Ave Maris Stella Schola Live! (CD), 2007
Dead Can Dance Emmeleia Into the Labyrinth (CD), 1993
Fantômas Delirium Cordia {excerpt: 50:11-55:06} Delirium Cordia (CD), 2003
Lau Nau Jouhet (Horse Hair) Nukkuu (CD), 2008
Kehembe Eichelberger Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child African American Spirituals: The Concert Tradition (Compilation CD), 1994
Alice Coltrane Triloka Translinear Light (CD), 2004
Charles Mingus Myself When I Am Real Mingus Plays Piano (CD), 1963
Matthew Shipp Paradox X Matthew Shipp's New Orbit (CD), 2001
Polvo Twenty White Tents Shapes (CD), 1997
Negativland Two Lightbulbs Flickering Thigmotactic (CD), 2008
Digital Leather Styrofoam Sorcerer (CD), 2008
Arne Nordheim Warszawa Electric (CD), 1974
Hans Fjellestad/Peter Kowald/Dana Reason/Jason Robinson Manifold Runners Dual Resonance (CD), 2003
Current 93 Idumaea (track 5) Black Ships Ate the Sky (CD), 2006 [this track features Will Oldham, aka "Bonnie Prince Billy," on vocals and banjo]
Gabby La La In and Out of Dreaming Be Careful What You Wish For (CD), 2005
Earthless Sonic Prayer Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (CD), 2007
Interview with/live performances by Max Baloian, Jason Ditzian, Jara Queeto, Sylvain Carton, and Aaron Kierbel (members of Rube Waddell, The Japonize Elephants, Lord Loves a Working Man, Kugelplex, Nanos Operetta, Blue Bone Express, the Mitch Marcus Quintet, more) and Sol Crawford (manager of the Amnesia venue) with Quest Queeto
Max Baloian, Jason Ditzian, Sylvain Carton, Jara Queeto, and Aaron Kierbel Inside Obtuse [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2008
Max Baloian, Jason Ditzian, Sylvain Carton, Jara Queeto, and Aaron Kierbel Der Heyser Bulgar [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2008
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