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Monday, 7/23/07, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Soft Circle Sundazed Full Bloom (CD), 2007
Ui Acer Rubrum Lifelike (CD), 1998
Powerhouse Sound Coxsonne Oslo/Chicago: Breaks (Double CD), 2007
Wareika Hill Sounds Uhuru Pujama Wareika Hill Sounds (CD), 2007
Low Below & Above Long Division (CD), 1995
Dos Excerpts from a Captain's Log Justamente Tres (CD), 1996
Montango Contrabajismo Montango (CD-R), 2001
Nanos Operetta The Pursuit [Demo CD-R], 2007
Idiot Flesh Twitch Fancy (CD), 1997
Spezza Rotto Abduzione Calde Cano Tredici Canzoni (CD), 2006
Už Jsme Doma Tání Pohádky Ze Zapotřebí {Fairytales from Needland} (CD), 1995
The Art Bears The Tube The Art Box (6-CD Boxed Set), 2004 [track is taken from The Art Bears' 1978 release "Hopes and Fears," included here in its entirety]
The Beach Boys Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony) Smiley Smile/Wild Honey (CD), 1990 [CD reissue of these two releases from 1967; track is from "Smiley Smile"]
Kramer Next Time, Try Compassion The Guilt Trip (Double CD), 1992
Saint of Killers Hanged Saint of Killers (CD), 2002
The Nels Cline Singers An Evening at Pops' Draw Breath (CD), 2007
The North Sea Take It from Me Brother Moses Exquisite Idols (CD), 2007
Interview with Tom Nunn, Matt Davignon, and Rent Romus featuring a live performance
Tom Nunn Skatchrod (excerpt) Identity (CD), 2007
Tom Nunn/Matt Davignon Duo KUSF903FM MODE 23 Live in KUSF Studio B, 2007
Reel Change Portraits, Pt. 1 Open in Total Darkness|Reel Change Plays Soundtracks for Films by David Michalak (CD), 2004
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