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Monday, 7/31/06, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Composer: John Zorn
Performer: Masada String Trio
Shidim The Circle Maker (Double CD), 1998
Carla Kihlstedt On Waking 2 Foot Yard (CD), 2003
Carla Bozulich Pissing Evangelista (CD), 2006
Otto Von Schirach Alligator Waltz Maxipad Detention (CD), 2006
Xoloder Below Pt. 2 Artifacts (CD-R), 2006
Bjork 5 Years Homogenic (CD), 1997
Arrington de Dionyso Khomuz 3 Winter Breath of Fire (CD), 2006
Sheila Chandra Roots and Wings (Original Madras Mix) Roots and Wings (CD), 1990
The Dub Project Joy The Dub Project (CD), 2004
Roots Tonic JD3 Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell (CD), 2006
Techniques in Dub Ready or Not Techniques in Dub (CD), 1997
Nomo Divisions Newtones (CD), 2006
Bob Log III Daddy Log's Drive In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes Trike (CD), 1999
Rube Waddell Frisco Line Greatest Hits (CD), 2006
Mississippi Fred McDowell On the Frisco Line Mississippi Fred McDowell (CD), 1982 [recordings from 1962; issued in the UK in 1982 and in the US in 1995]
Richard Leo Johnson Side Road to Splendor The Legend of Vernon McAlister (CD), 2006
Simon Shaheen/Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Mists (Rag Pahari/Maqam Asam) Saltanah (CD), 1996
The Residents Teddy Bear The King & Eye (LP), 1989
Bill Ding Up Under Clouds with Cups The "Horrendously Named" EP (CD EP), 1997
Juana Molina Malherido Son (CD), 2006
Tall Dwarfs Amniotic Love The Sky Above the Mud Below (CD), 2003
The Loud Family Rise of the Chokehold Princess Interbabe Concern (CD), 1996
Sonic Youth Or Rather Ripped (CD), 2006
Zga Mortum Sum Pridem The Flight of Infection (CD), 2002
Doldrums Knife, Spoon, Zug Secret Life of Machines (CD), 1996
Interview with Ali Tabatabai of Nanos Operetta
Nanos Operetta Four Doors and a Dream of the Slaughterhouse [demo CD-R], 2006
Loop! Station Lucky Me Obey Your Signal (CD), 2005
Faun Fables Rising Din Family Album (CD), 2004
Dohee Lee Chung Ryung I [demo CD-R], 2006
Nanos Operetta Ledoh Those Not in Our Circle Are Blind to Our Venture (CD), 2006 [pre-release CD-R copy]
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