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Monday, 4/24/06, 6:00-9:01 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Sarah Cahill Set of Two Movements I: Deep Color New Music: Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell (Compilation CD), 1999
Roger Miller Geometric Transportation, Pt. 1 The Benevolent Disruptive Ray (CD), 1996
Mark Dresser Trio Aquifer Aquifer (CD), 2002
William Parker There Is a Balm in Gilead Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (CD), 2006
Dave Douglas Words for a Loss A Thousand Evenings (CD), 2000
Frozen in Amber Sopor The Disquiet Festival Promo CD (Compilation CD-R), 2005
Stellamara Oj Jabuko Star of the Sea (CD), 1997
Kodo Ektal Mondo Head (CD), 2002
Faun Fables I'd Like to Be The Transit Rider (CD), 2006
Mecca Normal Breathing in the Dark The Eagle and the Poodle (CD), 1996
Zimbabwe Nkenya and the New Jazz Off the GTM Zimbabwe Nkenya and the New Jazz (CD), 2005
Transit Sabbath Siren Transit (CD), 2005
Performer: Joan Jeanrenaud
Composer: Steve Mackey
Cairn Metamorphosis (CD), 2002
Composer: Alireza Mashayekhi
Performer: Iranian Orchestra for New Music
Meta X No. 1 Op. 152 No.2 Celebration (CD), 2006
Chris Botti Smile To Love Again The Duets (CD), 2005 [Steven Tyler provides the vocals on this track]
Aerosmith Hangman Jury Permanent Vacation (CD), 1987
Lead Belly Linin' Track Classic Railroad Songs (Compilation CD), 2006 [recordings from 1942-1981; track was recorded in 1944]
Robert Johnson Traveling Riverside Blues The Complete Recordings (Double CD), 1990
Skip James I'm So Glad Times Ain't Like They Used to Be Vol. 3 (Compilation CD), 1999 [recordings from the 1920s/1930s; track was recorded in 1931]
Entrance I'm So Glad The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken by Storm! (CD), 2003
Cul de Sac The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA I Am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey (Compilation CD), 2006 [track was recorded in 1997 at KFJC]
Fred Frith The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not, Part 3 Step Across the Border (CD), 1991 [recordings from 1979-1989; track was recorded in 1989]
The Toids Tsiftetelli Unblocked Ears (CD), 2006
Charming Hostess Aish Ye Kdish Punch (CD), 2004
Interview with Joan Jeanrenaud
Annie Gosfield The Harmony of the Body-Machine {excerpt} Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites (CD), 2004 [Joan Jeanrenaud plays cello on this piece]
Joan Jeanrenaud Axis [demo CD-R], 2006
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