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Monday, 2/14/05, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Performers: Kronos Quartet/Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
Composer: Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
Apsheron Quintet II: Reverse Time Mugam Sayagi: Music of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (CD), 2005
Carla Kihlstedt On Waking 2 Foot Yard (CD), 2003
Jennifer Gentle The Garden (Part One) Valende (CD), 2005
Acid Mother's Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. The Assassin's Beautiful Daughter Does the Cosmic Shepherd Dream of Electric Tapirs? (CD), 2004
Common Jimi Was a Rock Star Electric Circus (CD), 2003
The Nels Cline Singers A Boy Needs a Door The Giant Pin (CD), 2004
Six Organs of Admittance Processing of Cherry Blossom Spirits School of the Flower (CD), 2005
Low Pissing The Great Destroyer (CD), 2005
Cat Power Cross Bones Style Moon Pix (CD), 1998
Mourning Cloak The Starlit Night of Waking Dreams Stargazer (7"), 1995
Composer: Phill Niblock
Performer: Seth Josel
Sethwork [excerpt] 11th Other Minds Music Festival Sampler (Compilation CD-R), 2005
Dälek Eyes to Form Shadows Absence (CD), 2004
Tog Futuro Part 1 An Unacceptable Color (CD), 2000
Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask Wheeling Rebus The Choir Boys (CD), 2005
Master Musicians of Bukkake Circular and Made of the Earth The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order (CD), 2004
Yat-Kha Khemchim Dalai Beldiri (CD), 1999
Edel Husainov Bul Bul Zaman The Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia (Compilation CD), 2005
Whitey Kirst Pull Your Clothes Off Sunday Nights|The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (Compilation CD), 2005
Fireballs of Freedom Vonferno Greasy Retrospective (CD), 2004 [recordings from 1989-2002]
Scroat Belly Drinkin' & Flailin' Daddy's Farm (CD), 1996
Junior Brown Catfish and Collard Greens Mixed Bag (CD), 2001
The Dave and Deke Combo El Cumbanchero Hollywood Barn Dance (CD), 1996
Interview with Charming Hostess
Charming Hostess War Sarajevo Blues (CD), 2004
Charming Hostess The Tunnel Sarajevo Blues (CD), 2004
Charming Hostess Death Is a Job Sarajevo Blues (CD), 2004
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