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Monday, 1/31/05, 6:00-9:05 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Zukanican Where Are the Casualties? Zukanican (Demo CD-R of material to be released in 2005), 2005
Deep Purple River Deep, Mountain High The Book of Taliesyn (CD), 1968
Hall of Fame My Sweet Miasma Paradise Now (CD), 2004
Six Organs of Admittance Hum a Silent Prayer Compathía (CD), 2003
Ralph Stanley Shout Lula Short Life of Trouble: Songs of Grayson and Whitter (CD), 1996
James Crase Give the Fiddler a Dram Back Roads to Cold Mountain (Compilation CD), 2004 [recordings from 1927-2002; track was recorded in 1959]
Fred Frith Birds Step Across the Border (CD), 1991 [recordings from 1979-1989]
CKW Trio 21st Century Blues [track 9] The Is (CD), 2004
Bruce Eisenbeil's Crosscurrent Trio Blue Poles Mural (CD), 1999
Fireballs of Freedom Vonferno Greasy Retrospective (CD), 2004 [recordings from 1989-2002]
The BellRays Black Is the Color/D-Am The Red, White & Black (CD), 2004
Kronos Quartet/Franghiz Ali-Zadeh Music for Piano Mugam Sayagi: Music of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (CD), 2005 [track is a piano solo by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh]
Charles Mingus Myself When I Am Real Mingus Plays Piano (CD), 1963
Paul Bley/Furio di Castri/Tony Oxley Template Chaos (CD), 1998
mJane Edie Prayers from the Underbelly|Live at the High Mayhem Festival 2003 (CD-R), 2004
Gianni Gebbia/Lelio Giannetto/Tom Nunn/Miriam Palma/Garth Powell/Gino Robair/Damon Smith Mortal Plan A Night in Palermo (CD), 2002 [track is a duet featuring Tom Nunn and Miriam Palma]
John Shirley G-VRAN Sonic Ninjutsu (CD), 2004
The Abstractions Take Yourself Seriously Novo Navigatio (CD-R), 2004
Mark Lanegan All Night Long Sunday Nights|The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (Compilation CD), 2005
Interview with/live performance by Nanos Operetta
Nanos Operetta Frondosas Live in KUSF Studio B, 2005
Nanos Operetta Keigome, Keigome Live in KUSF Studio B, 2005
Nanos Operetta Beauty Teases Live in KUSF Studio B, 2005
The Toids Ilahi Ruupert Dances in Fins (CD), 2001
Guy Klucevsek/Phillip Johnston The Gift Tales from the Cryptic (CD), 2003
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