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Monday, 12/13/04, 6:00-9:03 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Dave Apollon Spanish Fantasy The Man with the Mandolin|Complete Recordings 1930-1956 (Double CD), 1997 [track was recorded in the late 1930s]
Rush La Villa Strangiato Hemispheres (CD), 1978
Jello Biafra & The Melvins The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism Never Breathe What You Can't See (CD), 2004
Altamont Down Wind/Smoke Civil War Fantasy (CD), 1998
Composer: Hi Kyung Kim
Performers: John Sackett, Peter Josheff
After the Fall {excerpt; CD-R failed to function properly} Other Minds Festival VII March 8-10, 2001|Season Sampler (Compilation CD-R), 2001
Gold Sparkle Trio with Ken Vandermark Marcella Variations #1 Brooklyn Cantos (CD), 2004
Flat Earth Society Woeful Message from the VLF Isms (CD), 2004
The Alexandria Kleztet Klezmerobics Y2Klezmer (CD), 2000
The Abyssinians Y Mas Gan Dub Declaration of Dub (CD), 1998
Master Musicians of Bukkake Circular and Made of the Earth The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order (CD), 2004
Huun-Huur-Tu Deke-Jo Where Young Grass Grows (CD), 1999
Roscoe Holcomb Omie Wise Back Roads to Cold Mountain (Compilation CD), 2004 [recordings from 1927-2002; track was recorded in 1961]
Uncle Woody Sullender Papa, Help Me Across Nothing Is Certain but Death (CD), 2004
Matt Wilson Going Once, Going Twice Going Once, Going Twice (CD), 1998
Liquid Liquid Bellhead DFA Compilation #2 (Compilation Triple CD), 2004
David Thomas and Two Pale Boys Sad Eyed Lowlands 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest (CD), 2004
Nunchaku Zubora Na Hitomi Best of 1993-1998 (CD), 1999
Good for Cows B Metal Revival Bebop Fantasy (CD), 2004
Broun Fellinis Brozak Out Through the N Door (CD), 1998
Interview with/live performance by Sameer Gupta and Srinivas Reddy
Srinivas Reddy/Sameer Gupta Raag Todi Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
Srinivas Reddy/Sameer Gupta Raag Manj Khammaj Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
Srinivas Reddy/Sameer Gupta [untitled raga] Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
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