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Monday, 12/6/04, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Ellen Weller Peering In from the Other Side Spirits, Little Dreams, and Improvisations (CD), 2004
Frigg The Shipwrecked Man's Report Brecht (CD), 1999
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys Nebraska Alcohol Abuse 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest (CD), 2004
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum FC: The Freedom Club Of Natural History (CD), 2004
FuŠk Monkey Does His Thing Pretty...Slow (CD), 1996
Jeff Parker & Scott Fields The Fields of Cologne Song Songs Song (CD), 2004
The Splatter Trio Sin Wing Swinging Anagrams (CD), 1992
Good for Cows DJ I' Fridays Bebop Fantasy (CD), 2004
Gold Sparkle Trio with Ken Vandermark Autumn Ever Brooklyn Cantos (CD), 2004
Clarinet Thing Family Heap Wop Sticks and Agony Pipes!|Live! 1990-2004 (Promo CD-R, scheduled for a 2004 release)
mJane (Dis)solve/Bones Prayers from the Underbelly|Live at the High Mayhem Festival 2003 (CD-R), 2004
eX-Girl Jet Mogura Big When Far, Small When Close (CD EP), 2000
Jewlia Eisenberg Adir Hu Trilectic (CD), 2001
The Persuasions Oh, Heavenly Salvation Right Around the Corner (CD), 1994
Toby Breeding's Old Regular Baptist Chorus Sweet Glories Rush Upon My Sight Back Roads to Cold Mountain (Compilation CD), 2004 [recordings from 1927-2002]
Bookmobile Derailing Keys (CD), 2004
Tabla Beat Science Triangular Objects Tala Matrix (CD), 2000
THILGES 3 + Asim al Chalabi Izdiucz Tempo Technik Teamwork (Compilation Double CD), 2004
Pleaseeasaur Tripping on a Psychedelic Daydream As Seen on TV (CD), 1999
Interview with/live performances by The Supplicants
The Supplicants [untitled 1] Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
The Supplicants [untitled 2: "interpretation of a drawing"] Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
The Supplicants [untitled 3] Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
The Supplicants Missouri Live in KUSF Studio B, 2004
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