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Monday, 7/12/04, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Sonic Youth I Love You Golden Blue Sonic Nurse (CD), 2004
The Fall Contraflow The Real New Fall LP (CD), 2004
Thi-Linh Le No Regrets Angels of Life in a Psychic Wasteland (Compilation CD), 1998
P.G. Six Crooked Way The Well of Memory (CD), 2004
Faust vs. Dälek Bullets Need Violence Derbe Respect, Alder (CD), 2004
Bill Ding The Bills to Pay the Way Workers Compilation (Compilation CD), 1997
Christian Bouchard Parcelles 2 Fractures (CD), 2004
Yen Chang + Hoppy Kamiyama Fascist Mamatango (CD), 2004
ZGA The Flight The Flight of Infection (CD), 2002
FIELD [untitled--track 4] Riffat Sultana & Party/FIELD (Split Demo CD-R EP), 2004
Daud Khan Sadozai Ghazal Tribute to Afghanistan (CD), 2004
Robert Wyatt La Ahada Yalam {No-one Knows} Cuckooland (CD), 2003
Sonny Simmons Seven Dances of Salome Manhattan Egos (CD), 1969
Secret Chiefs 3 [untitled hidden track] Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws (CD), 1998
Necati Çelik Uzzal Nakis Yürüksemai Yasemin {Classical Turkish Oud Music} (CD), 1998
Performer: Iranian Orchestra for New Music
Composer/Conductor: Alireza Mashayekhi
Ad Libitum Iranian Orchestra for New Music (CD), 2002
Erik Friedlander Embrace Irving Stone Memorial Concert (Compilation Double CD), 2004
Califone Michigan Girls Shanti Project Collection 3 (Compilation CD), 2004
This I Know English Freakbeat Vol. 3 (Compilation CD), 1997 [track was originally released in 1963]
The Guess Who Believe Me Garage Beat '66|Chicks Are for Kids! (Compilation CD), 2004 [recordings from around 1966]
Jello Biafra, Randy Bachman, Curtis Houston, and Garwet Sweatshirt American Woman Apocalypse Always (Compilation CD), 2002
Interview with Ralph Carney
Ralph Carney & David Thomas Sunset in the Antipodes Pere Ubu: Datapanik in the Year Zero (5-CD Boxed Set), 1996 [the 5th disc of this set contains material from Pere Ubu-related bands and projects; this track was originally released in 1980 on a compilation album called "Bowling Balls from Hell"]
Tin Huey Puppet Wipes Contents Dislodged During Shipment (CD), 1979
Ralph Carney Circling La Guardia I Like You {A Lot} (CD), 1999
Danny Cohen Enlightened Despondency Dannyland (CD), 2004
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