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Monday, 4/19/04, 6:00-9:10 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Hamza el Din The Visitors Eclipse (CD), 1988 [recordings from 1978]
Hassan Erraji & Arabesque Thrikraiat al Andalous Africa North (Compilation CD), 1999
3 Leg Torso Giant Stomp Astor in Paris (CD), 2003
Composer: Steffan Hussong
Performer: Keiko Harada
Bone [excerpt] Other Minds 10 Festival Preview Sampler (Compilation CD-R), 2004
Mark Growden I Am Live at the Odeon (CD), 2003
Ukefink Oh Death Heck No (CD), 2000
Califone Wingbone Heron King Blues (CD), 2004
Foibles Our Warden's Lament Hacienda Science Magnet Assembly {The EP Collection} (CD-R), 2004
Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores Mole Every Man for Himself & God Against All (CD), 2004
Marvin Pontiac [aka John Lurie] Pancakes The Legendary Marvin Pontiac {Greatest Hits} (CD), 1999
Jolie Holland Darlin Ukelele Escondida (CD), 2004
Stéphane Roy Masques et Parades: Noir Silence Migrations (CD), 2003
Keuhkot Vapaata Kilpailua Ruskea Aikakirja (CD), 1998
Deerhoof Milk Man Milk Man (CD), 2004
Melt-Banana Key Is a Fact that a Cat Brings Cell-Scape (CD), 2003
An Albatross The Triumph of the Lazer Viking We Are the Lazer Viking (CD EP), 2003
Dos Excerpts from a Captain's Log Justamente Tres (CD), 1996
Faun Fables Old and Light Family Album (CD), 2004
Tabla Beat Science Nafekeñ Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove (Double CD), 2002
Badawi To Be Continued Clones & False Prophets (CD), 2003
Fantômas Delirium Cordia [excerpt: 8:27-16:01] Delirium Cordia (CD), 2003
Interview with/live performance by David Boyce and Sameer Gupta of The Supplicants
The Supplicants Ptah, the El Daahoud Balance (CD), 2002
Peter Boyce and Sameer Gupta of The Supplicants One Soy Latte to Go [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2004
The Supplicants Parvati Balance (CD), 2002
The Supplicants Yangtze River Blues Balance (CD), 2002
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