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Monday, 3/15/04, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Deerhoof Dream Wanderer's Tune Milk Man (CD), 2004
The Drift Know Certain Future Know Certain Future (CD-R), 2003
The Quails Digitons Atmosphere (CD), 2002
Dead Kennedys Police Truck Live at the Deaf Club (CD), 2004 [recordings from 1979]
The Groodies Head Rape The Groodies (CD EP), 2004
Rocket from the Tombs Sonic Reducer RFTT Rocket Redux (CD), 2004
Chuck D, Henry Rollins + Rise Above Rise Above|24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three (Compilation CD), 2002
Ornette Coleman Focus on Sanity The Shape of Jazz to Come (CD), 1959
The Supplicants Prana Balance (CD), 2002
David Krakauer Krakow Doina A New Hot One (CD), 2000
The Japonize Elephants from Zorlock, Land of the Lost Iggaboustamonteguae 40 Years of Our Family (CD), 2002
Ray Condo and his Ricochets Sunset Blues Swing Brother Swing (CD), 1996
Cerberus Shoal Bogart the Change/Shaky Bull Bastion of Itchy Preeves (CD), 2004
Faun Fables Mouse Song Family Album (CD), 2004
Anthony Robb I Saw My Love Come Passing by Me Northumberland Rant|Traditional Music from the Edge of England (Compilation CD), 1999
Dropkick Murphys Barroom Hero The Singles Collection '96-'97 (CD), 2000
Interview with/"live" performance by Joan Jeanrenaud
Joan Jeanrenaud Ice Cello [excerpt] [CD-R recordings of the live 2000-2001 performances]
Joan Jeanrenaud "Underwater Cello" "Live" in KUSF Studio B, 2004
Performer: Joan Jeanrenaud
Composer: Karen Tanaka
The Song of Songs Metamorphosis (CD), 2002
Hamza el Din A Wish [excerpt] A Wish (CD), 1999
Joan Jeanrenaud/William Winant In Between [excerpt] [CD-R recordings of unreleased material from the "In Between" performance sessions, 2002-2004]
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