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Monday, 1/12/04, 6:00-9:15 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Guy Klucevsek/Phillip Johnston Blue Window Tales from the Cryptic (CD), 2003
The Tiger Lillies with Kronos Quartet Hertha Strubb The Gorey End (CD), 2003
Gary Noland Pornomusik Nos. 6&9, Op. 48, Nos. 6&9 Selected Music from Venge Art|A Chamber Novel for Narrator, Musicians, Actors, Dancers, & Culinary Artists (CD), 2002
Denman Maroney Part 3 Fluxations (CD), 2003
DJ Wally A-Plus Nothing Stays the Same (CD), 2003
Yeah Yeah Yeahs No No No Fever to Tell (CD), 2003
Mike Min From True The Aberdeen Transplant (CD-R EP), 2000
The Minders 28x The Future Is Always Perfect (CD), 2003
The Who Little Billy Odds and Sods (CD), 1974 [track was recorded in 1968]
Foibles Shoe People Attend Drop Out University! Songs About Shoe People for Shoe People (7" EP), 2003
Deerhoof Blue Cash Apple O' (CD), 2003
Cat Power Shaking Paper You Are Free (CD), 2003
Dos Silence Uno Con Dos (CD), 1991 [reissue of the "Dos" LP from 1986 with the "Numero Dos" EP from 1989 on one CD; track is taken from "Numero Dos"]
The Planet The High School Hands Physical Angel (CD), 2003
Ruins Yawiquo Pallaschtom (CD), 2000
Spezza Rotto Speciale Relativitá Cinque Canzoni (CD-R EP), 2001
Chitravina N. Ravikiran Janani Ninnuvina Music from Madras|Ravikiran Plays Chitravina (CD), 2001
Badawi A Voice from Six Corners The Heretic of Ether (CD), 1999
2nd Gen Evox Flicknives (CD), 2003
The Vanishing Lost in Pictures Songs for Psychotic Children (CD), 2003
Interview with/live performance by Sameer Gupta & Parag Chordia
Sameer Gupta/Parag Chordia Raga Malkuns [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2004
Sameer Gupta/Parag Chordia Raga Nayaki [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2004
Sameer Gupta/Parag Chordia [] Raga Kafi ["didjeridu version"--or "Raga Skglagla," per Prem] [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2004
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