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Monday, 2/24/03, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Picastro Mine Red Your Blues (CD), 2001
Mat Maneri featuring Joe McPhee Alone (Unravel) Sustain (CD), 2002
The Eyesores Ice Is for Adults Bent at the Waist (CD), 2002
Masada Abrakala Yod (CD), 1998
R.L. Burnside Going Down South Sound Machine Groove (CD), 1980
Gary Lucas Where Is My Home The Edge of Heaven (CD), 2001
Sonic Youth Slaapkamers Met Slagroom Slaapkamers Met Slagroom (CD EP), 1997
Sybarite Secropia Nonument (CD), 2002
Matthew Shipp Nebula Theory Equilibrium (CD), 2003
The Deletist Overlooked Bitter Pie (CD), 2002
The Nightblooms Crystal Eyes Butterfly Girl (CD EP), 1992
Pigface Everything Easy Listening...for Difficult FuŠkheads (CD), 2003
Common Jimi Was a Rock Star Electric Circus (CD), 2002
Code One Out About Fourteen Parts (CD), 2000
Steve Von Till Shadows in Stone As the Crow Flies (CD), 2000
AmberAsylum Silence of the Setting Sun TheSupernaturalParlourCollection (CD), 2000
ZGA The Leech The Flight of Infection (CD), 2002
Mr. Meridies Concussion/Karibu II Mr. Meridies (CD), 1999
Yabby You Warn Them Jah Dub Dub It to the Top|1976-1979 (CD), 2002
Skankin' Pickle Hate Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle (CD), 1994
The Real McKenzies Donald, Where's Yer Troosers? Loch'd & Loaded (CD), 2001
Interview with Scott Amendola
L. Stinkbug Chopped Up and Laid End to End The Allure of Roadside Curios (CD), 2002 [track was played in the background of our conversation]
The Scott Amendola Band Rosa Cry (CD), 2003
The Scott Amendola Band Bantu Cry (CD), 2003
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