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Monday, 2/17/03, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Mahagitá The King's Potency Harp and Vocal Music of Burma (CD), 2003
James Weaver La d'Héricourt Africans in America (Compilation CD), 1998
Ghost Regenesis Snuffbox Immanence (CD), 1999
Curved Air Melinda (More or Less) Phantasmagoria (CD), 1972
Windy & Carl Green Introspection (Triple CD), 2002 [material from 1993-2002; track was originally released in 1996 on a 7" split with Hopewell]
The Eyesores Chupacabra Bent at the Waist (CD), 2002
Mat Maneri featuring Joe McPhee Divine Sustain (CD), 2002
Matthew Shipp Portal Equilibrium (CD), 2003
{Mike} Sport Murphy Bird in the House Uncle (CD), 2003
Rob Crow Who Takes My Recyclables? Lactose Adept (CD), 1996
Code One Coda Fourteen Parts (CD), 2000
The Legendary Pink Dots It's the Real Thing All the King's Horses (CD), 2002
Bingo Zenith Raga H[Om] (CD), 1998
Nat Saunders Girl, If I Write You The Bahamas|Islands of Song (Compilation CD), 1997
The Del McCoury Band The First Time She Left The Cold Hard Facts (CD), 1996
Srikanth Chary Om Namo Narayana Tiger & Silk (CD), 2002
Pigface Closer to Heaven Easy Listening...for Difficult Fu©kheads (CD), 2003
Vital Information Cranial #2|The Jinx Show 'Em Where You Live (CD), 2002
Thievery Corporation 38.45 (A Thievery Number) Dub Selector 2 (Compilation CD), 2002
The Centimeters Thousand Eyes The Facts of Destiny (CD), 1999
Laughing Soup Dish Teenage Lima Bean Be a Caveman--The Best of the Voxx Garage Revival (Compilation CD), 2000 [recordings from the 1980s]
Tyme's Children Take Me Back The Northwest Battle of the Bands Volume Three|I'm Walkin' Babe! (Compilation CD), 2002 [recordings from the mid-1960s; track was released as a single in 1966]
The Flamin' Groovies Shake Some Action Slow Death (CD), 2002 [material from 1971-1973; track is a 1973 demo recording]
The Lost Sounds Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home Rat's Brains & Microchips (CD), 2002
The Candy Snatchers Hooligan Human Zoo! (CD), 1999
Interview with/live performance by Alex Behr & Matt Hall of The Double U
The Double U Rooster in the Moss White Night, Floating Anchor (CD), 2002
Alex Behr & Matt Hall of The Double U Dinner [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2003
The Double U White Night, Floating Anchor White Night, Floating Anchor (CD), 2002
The Double U Famous Strong Man Comes Out of Cave White Night, Floating Anchor (CD), 2002
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