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Monday, 11/25/02, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Vacuum Tree Head Jasmin Bakuretsu Fukio (CD-R), 2002
Exhaust Degauss Enregistreur (CD), 2002
Evan Ziporyn Press Release This Is Not a Clarinet (CD), 2001
Kahil El'Zabar Trio Song of Myself Love Outside of Dreams (CD), 2002 [recordings from 1997]
Tommy Guerrero & Gadget Cold Hoy Yen Ass'n (CD), 2000
Journey Festival Dance Dream, After Dream (CD), 1980
Jeff Kaiser/Brad Dutz The Vigilant Conspiracy The Order of Her Bones (CD), 2002
The Prime-Time Sublime Invocation and Fanfare of the Tahitian Garbage Fairies The Prime-Time Sublime (CD), 2002
Aluminum Group Tom of Finland Pelo (CD), 2000
Mourning Cloak The Starlit Night of Waking Dreams Stargazer (7"), 1995
Baluji Shrivastav Raga Ahir-Bhairav Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas (Double CD), 1999
Landing Against the Rain Fade In/Fade Out (CD), 2002
Joan Jeanrenaud Altar Piece Metamorphosis (CD), 2002
Xiu Xiu Jennifer Lopez (The Sweet Science Version) Chapel of the Chimes (CD EP), 2002
The Quails Atmosphere Atmosphere (CD), 2002
Veteran Singers Leaning on Jesus On the Battlefield|Great Gospel Quartets (Compilation CD), 2002 [recordings from 1952-1954]
Supreme Dicks Leaning on the Everlasting Arm This Is Not a Dick (CD), 1996
Johnny Dowd On Shakey Ground We Stand The Pawnbroker's Wife (CD), 2002
Bill Ding Vaporize Trust in God, but Tie Up Your Camel (CD), 1997
Good for Cows Good for Cows Good for Cows (CD), 2001
Interview with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu
Xiu Xiu I Am the Center of Your World Chapel of the Chimes (CD EP), 2002
Xiu Xiu Dr. Troll Knife Play (CD), 2002
Xiu Xiu Ceremony Chapel of the Chimes (CD EP), 2002
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