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Monday, 8/5/02, 6:00-9:01 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Vacuum Tree Head Craveyard Coal Vig (CD-R), 1999
Jason Robinson Birdrock Dub Tandem (CD), 2002
Composer: Fred Frith
Performer: Rova Saxophone Quartet
T Square Park Lark Freedom in Fragments (CD), 2002
Sonny Simmons Purple Rays Manhattan Egos (CD), 1969 [track was recorded in 1970 and is a bonus cut on this CD re-issue]
Dirty Knobs Windy The Green Attic (CD), 2002
Ultra Bidé Apt. #30/Capitalism Super Milk (CD), 1998
Satisfact Disconnect The Unwanted Sounds of (CD), 1996
Songs for Emma We All Like Parades Red Lies and Black Rhymes (CD), 2002
All About Evil Overload All About Evil (CD), 2001
DJ Cheb I Sabbah Govinda Krishna Lila (CD), 2002
Kramer Stubb's Hallucination The Guilt Trip (Double CD), 1992
Bitstream Dream Impossible Gardens 12 Tales (Compilation CD), 2002
Alias Black Tea The Other Side of the Looking Glass (CD), 2002
Burning Spear Over All Dub Living Dub, Volume 2 (CD), 1993
Carla Bozulich Blue Boys Fields and Streams (Compilation Double CD), 2002
Mice Parade Imagine Winooski Ramda (CD), 1999
Ugly Casanova Smoke Like Ribbons Sharpen Your Teeth (CD), 2002
Wally Pleasant Folk Singer Manifesto Hoedown (CD), 2000
Corey Harris I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More Between Midnight and Day (CD), 1995
Chris Knox Honey Stung Paws Duck Shaped Pain + Gum (CD), 1993
The Japonize Elephants From Zorlock, Land of the Lost Log Cabin Blues 40 Years of Our Family (CD), 2002
Abou Sylla/Famoro Dioubate Sori Kemedon Badenya: Manden Jaliya in New York City (Compilation CD), 2002
Beth Custer Improvisation Group 3 Vinculum Symphony Live (CD), 2000
Interview with Vacuum Tree Head
Miya Masaoka Illusion #34 Compositions*Improvisations (CD), 1993 [track was played in background immediately after Vacuum Tree Head arrived in the studio]
Vacuum Tree Head A Chancy Moan/Glenda/S.T.O. Co./Mai Bakuretsu Fukio (CD-R), 2002
Vacuum Tree Head Djinn Bakuretsu Fukio (CD-R), 2002
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