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Monday, 6/17/02, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
The Stitches Same Thing Two New Cuts (7"), 1995
The Lime Spiders Out of Control Do the Pop!|The Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-'87 (Compilation Double CD), 2002
Ruins Guamallapish Pallaschtom (CD), 2000
Fred Frith Almighty Home at Last Accidental (CD), 2001
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Ablutions Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
Composer: Fred Frith
Performer: Rova Saxophone Quartet
Significant Restrictions Apply Freedom in Fragments (CD), 2002
Mega-Mousse Hello Musical Monogram (CD), 2002
The Nels Cline Singers Lucia Instrumentals (CD), 2002
Sinombre Wanted Sinombre Demo (CD-R EP), 2002
The Toids Ilahi Ruupert Dances in Fins (CD), 2001
The Japonize Elephants From Zorlock, Land of the Lost Iggaboustamonteguae 40 Years of Our Family (CD), 2002
Jimbo Trout and the Fishpeople Mess Around It's Breaktime! Live! With Jimbo Trout & the Fishpeople (CD), 2002
Jello Biafra with Randy Bachman, Chris Houston, and Garnet Sweatshirt American Woman Apocalypse Always (Compilation CD), 2002
The Guess Who Clap for the Wolfman The Ultimate Collection (Triple CD), 1997 [track is taken from The Guess Who's 1974 "Road Food" album]
Wayne Hancock Brand New Cadillac That's What Daddy Wants (CD), 1997
Seth Misterka Toxic Barbie Seth Misterka Presents Dynasty (CD), 2002
John Zorn Punk China Doll Naked City (CD), 1989
Badawi A Voice from Six Corners The Heretic of Ether (CD), 1999
Ustad Mohammad Omar Pelo/Tintal Virtuoso from Afghanistan (CD), 2002 [recordings from 1974 w/Zakir Hussain on tabla]
George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra Dio Cardias {Two Hearts} Belly Dance!|The Best of George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra (CD), 2002 [recordings from the late 1970s]
Dean Santomieri Ati Noko Crude Rotation (3" CD), 2000
Xiu Xiu Over Over Knife Play (CD), 2002
Tabla Beat Science Biotech Tala Matrix (CD), 2000
Interview with/Live Performance by Srikanth Chary
Srikanth Chary Keervani: "Improv in Minor" [Live in KUSF Studio B]
Srikanth Chary Eti Yochanalu Tiger + Silk (CD), 2002
End of Interview
William Hooker/Lee Ranaldo/Zeena Parkins Stamina {excerpt} The Gift of Tongues (CD), 1995
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