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Monday, 3/4/02, 6:00-9:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
The Consumers Consumers All My Friends Are Dead (CD), 1995 [recordings from 1977]
Lost Sounds What'd I Say Black-Wave (CD), 2001
Idiot Flesh Twitch Fancy (CD), 1997
Pere Ubu Sentimental Journey Datapanik in the Year Zero (5-CD Boxed Set), 1996 [track was originally released on Pere Ubu's 1978 album "The Modern Dance"]
Ruins Ffenniko Vrresto (CD), 1998
Thuja [untitled--track 10] Ghost Plants (CD), 2002
Agness Lily Love, Alice (CD), 1999
Jack Dangers Al Tape Music (10" EP), 2001
Freezepop Manipulate {Machinate Mix} Fashion Impression Function (CD), 2001
Tabla Beat Science Triangular Objects Tala Matrix (CD), 2000
Matthew Shipp Nu Abstract Nu Bop (CD), 2002
Pointless Orchestra Concussions Approaching Totality (CD), 1998
Metabass 'N' Breath The Funky Universe Seek (CD), 1997
U. Srinivas Raga Ragamalika Magic Mandolin (CD), 1989
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Universe of Romance New Geocentric World of Acid Mothers Temple (CD), 2001
Richard Devine Foci Duplication Aleamapper (CD), 2001
Adult Rodeo Speed Limit Long-Range, Rapid-Fire (CD), 2001
Cornelius Fly Point (CD), 2002
Man or Astro-Man? Tolerance in a Transitory Universe A Spectrum of Finite Scale (CD), 2000
Alvin Curran/William Winant Theme Park {excerpt} Other Minds Festival VII March 8-10 2001|Season Sampler (Compilation CD-R), 2001
Performer: Sarah Cahill
Composer: Ruth Crawford
Piano Study in Mixed Accents 9 Preludes (CD), 2001
Mujician [untitled--track 15] Spacetime (CD), 2002
Diamanda Galás Keigome Keigome Malediction and Prayer (CD), 1998
Galaxxy Chamber Fledermaus Millennium Maddness (CD-R), 2000
Charming Hostess I'm Not Hungry Angels of Life in a Psychic Wasteland (Compilation CD), 1998
Interview with/live performance by Jewlia Eisenberg
Jewlia Eisenberg Bee Song [Live in KUSF Studio B], 2002
Jewlia Eisenberg Eskimo Suit Trilectic (CD), 2001
Jewlia Eisenberg The Touch of her Hands Trilectic (CD), 2001
Jewlia Eisenberg Sicily Trilectic (CD), 2001
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