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Monday, 12/10/01, 6:00-10:06 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Dymaxion The Haunted Radio Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33 (CD), 2001 [material from 1995-98]
Randall Smith Counterblast L'oreille Voit {The Ear Sees} (CD), 2001
Manganese Nodule Armenia City in the Sky Who Cares: A Tribute to the Who (Compilation CD), 2000
The Who Wasp Man Two's Missing (CD), 1987 [track was recorded in 1971]
Beth Custer Improvisation Group 5 Vinculum Symphony Live (CD), 2000
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Powerless Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
Alias Wave Goodbye to Harry Three Phase Irony Double EP (CD), 2001
Ponga Bookin Ponga (CD), 1999
New Lost City Ramblers Buck Creek Girls There Is No Eye: Music for Photographs (Compilation CD), 2001 [track was recorded in 1959]
Rube Waddell I've a Piece of Lovely Crumpet Bound for the Gates of Hell (CD), 2001
Kevin Burke George White's Favourite/The Happy Days of Youth/Coleman's Cross Sweeney's Dream (CD), 2001
Volapük Des Liens Invisibles Polyglöt (CD), 2000
AmberAsylum Silence of the Setting Sun TheSupernaturalParlourCollection (CD), 2000
Robert Normandeau Clair de Terre Clair de Terre (CD), 2001
Man...Or Astroman? Engines of Difference EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices (CD), 1999
Tom & Gerry Coconut Pistil/Floating Leaves Fire Works (CD), 2001 [tracks played in background during reading of KUSF Entertainment Calendar]
Faun Fables Sometimes I Pray Early Song (CD-R), 1999
Steve Roach/Stephen Kent/Kenneth Newby Snake Brothers Halcyon Days (CD), 1996
Bill Laswell/Sacred System Driftwork Nagual Site (CD), 1998
Marlui Miranda Festa da Flauta Ihu: Todos os Sons (CD), 1995
Giovanni Hidalgo Just Me Jammin' in the Bronx|A Live Concert Tribute to Machito (Compilation CD), 1996
I.J. Smith Downtown Trip Troubled (CD), 2001
Marc Ribot Holy Holy Holy Saints (CD), 2001
Uz Jsme Doma Ámen-Jó Nebo Nebo Uprostred Slov {In the Middle of Words} (Double CD), 1998 [re-issue of this 1990 album with a bonus disc of live/unreleased tracks]
American Steel Time Goes By Every New Morning (7"), 1999
Langley Schools Music Project Good Vibrations Innocence & Despair (CD), 2001 [recordings from 1976-77]
David S. Ware Quartet [untitled--track 11] Corridors & Parallels (CD), 2001
Myles Boisen Scrambledisc Pt. 1: Raindrops in That Birch Scrambledisc {Guitarspeak Vol. 2} (CD), 2000
Interview with Myles Boisen of The Splatter Trio
The Splatter Trio Splatter Waltz The Splatter Trio (CD), 1990
Splatter Trio & Debris Composition 23D(+108A) Jump Or Die (CD), 1994
Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia Mutiny on the Bay (CD), 2001
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