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Monday, 11/26/01, 6:00-10:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
Rube Waddell Jezebel Bound for the Gates of Hell (CD), 2001
R.L. Burnside Rollin' & Tumblin' Burnside on Burnside (CD), 2001
Journey Midnight Dreamer Look into the Future (CD), 1976
I.J. Smith Downtown Trip Troubled (CD), 2001
John Hughes III Lying in the Backseat Part 1 Scarlet Diva|Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD), 2000
Jah Wobble/Bill Laswell Alsema Dub Radioaxiom--A Dub Transmission (CD), 2001
Spaceheads and Max Eastley The Old Moon in the Young Moon's Arms/Interstellar Escalator The Time of the Ancient Astronaut (CD), 2000
Steve Zweig Wrong Doer Steve Sleeve II: Loves & Losses (CD-R), 2001
I Am Spoonbender Clocks Grow Old Team Mint Volume Two (Compilation CD), 2001
Junior Delgado Herb Eye Dance a Dub (CD), 1997
Degenerate Art Ensemble Hibernation Rinko (CD), 2001
Seofon Lessons in Being Nothing Zero Point: Lessons in Being Nothing (CD), 2001
Alien Farm Owl Tall Revenant (CD), 1995
Marc Ribot Witches and Devils Saints (CD), 2001
Fred Frith Throw the Bolt Guitar Solos (CD), 1974 [track is a 1988 bonus cut on this 1991 CD re-issue]
Mollusk Evolution of the Snail's Brain Pt. 5 Accretions (CD), 2001
David S. Ware Quartet Corridors & Parallels Corridors & Parallels (CD), 2001
Dymaxion The Critic's Darling Dymaxion x 4 + 3=38:33 (CD), 2001 [material from 1995-98]
Sunshine Narcoleptic Feedback New Music from Central & Eastern Europe Volume 2 (Compilation CD), 2001 [track is from Sunshine's 2001 "Necromance" album]
Guitar Wolf Roaring Blood Jet Generation (CD), 1999
The Lewd Pay or Die Kill Yourself...Again (CD), 1998 [track was originally issued on The Lewd's 1979 "Kill Yourself" 7"]
The Goddamn Gentlemen Shark Attack Sex-Caliber Horsepower (CD), 2001
The Vandermark Five Last Call Target of Flag (CD), 1998
Ornette Coleman Street Woman The Complete Science Fiction Sessions (Double CD), 2000 [all tracks from the 1971 recording sessions featured on the albums "Science Fiction" (1972) and "Broken Shadows" (1982) plus bonus cuts; track is from "Science Fiction"]
Spezza Rotto Escoltano! Cinque Canzoni (CD-R), 2001
Nels Cline Shale Bed The Inkling (CD), 2000
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum The Stain Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
Buffalo Daughter Dr. Mooooog Captain Vapour Athletes (CD), 1996
The Lost Sounds Soul for Sale Memphis Is Dead (CD), 2001
Subtonix Black Nails in Your Coffin Troubleman Mix-Tape (Compilation CD), 2001
Solex Look...No Fingerprints! Low Kick and Hard Bop (CD), 2001
Melvins Up the Dumper The Bootlicker (CD), 1999
Faun Fables Ode to Rejection Early Song (CD-R), 1999
Jeb Bishop f. 98 Duets (CD), 1998
Roy Campbell Quartet Star Spangled Banner It's Krunch Time (CD), 2001
Interview with Frank Grau of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Sleep Is Wrong Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Ablutions Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 1997 Grand Opening and Closing (CD), 2001
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