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Monday, 9/3/01, 6:00-10:00 AM
Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
AmberAsylum Silence of the Setting Sun TheSupernaturalParlourCollection (CD), 2000
The Glee Club Free to Believe Mine (CD), 1994
The American Analog Set We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore Know by Heart (CD), 2001
Dean Santomieri Rite of Springs Crude Rotation {Archipelago #3, Disc 5 of 6} (3" CD), 2000
Kit Clayton Nunchu Nek Sanalet (CD), 1999
Jill Tracy Just the Other Side of Pain Diabolical Streak (CD), 1999
Performer: Sarah Cahill
Composer: Ruth Crawford
Prelude 8|Leggiero 9 Preludes (CD), 2001 [piece was composed between 1924 and 1928]
Charles Gayle 1939 Jazz Solo Piano (CD), 2001
Junior Brown Riverboat Shuffle Mixed Bag (CD), 2001
Brass Monkey Limbo Jazz Live in Time and Space (CD), 2001
Dr. L. Subramaniam Blue Lotus Global Fusion (CD), 1999
Volapük Valse Chinoise Polyglöt (CD), 2000
Paul Demarinis An Odd Evening San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2000 (Compilation CD-R), 2001
Thich Nhat Hanh & Sister Chân Không with the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village Night of Prayer Drops of Emptiness: Songs, Chants, and Poetry from Plum Village (CD), 1997
Fantômas Vendetta The Director's Cut (CD), 2001
My Ruin Let It Rain A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish (CD), 2001
Faxed Head Rest Stop Cleaning Chiropractic (CD), 2001
Monopause Brief Lallation Knormalities (Compilation 7"), 1998
dr:op:fr:am+e Words by Husserl The Rule of Capture (CD), 2001
DJ Shadow Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) Midnight in a Perfect World (12" EP), 1996
King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy Harmony Dub In the Jaws of the Tiger (CD), 2001
Defacto Simian Cobblestone Megaton Shotblast (CD), 2001
Old Time Relijun Cuneform Witchcraft Rebellion (CD), 2001
Anthony Braxton w/Alex Horwitz Composition No. 281 CIMPosium - Volume 9 (Compilation CD), 2001
Degenerate Art Ensemble Confrontation/Circle/Chase Rinko (CD), 2001
Spring Heel Jack Red Worm The Blue Series Continuum (CD), 2001
Camper Van Chadbourne Old Piano Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne (CD), 1999
Asylum Street Spankers Hesitation Blues Spanks for the Memories (CD), 1996
Red Red Meat There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight (CD), 1997
Leroy Troy Shady Grove The Old Grey Mare (CD), 2001
Interview with/live performance by Mark Growden
Mark Growden's Electric Piñata Sally Inside Beneath Behind (CD), 2001
Mark Growden Inside Every Bird [Live in KUSF Studio B]
Mark Growden's Electric Piñata Granny [demo CD-R]
Mark Growden and Nils Frykdahl Reeds [demo CD-R, recorded live at Bottom of the Hill]
Mark Growden's Electric Piñata Don't Want to Go Back (excerpt) [demo CD-R, recorded live at Bottom of the Hill]
Mark Growden Masopigeonism [Live in KUSF Studio B]
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