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Saturday, 11/27/10, 12:00-3:00 AM
Time Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
12:06 AM Blixa Bargeld and Nanos Operetta Akhe Live in KUSF Studio B, 2008 [recorded 11/17/2008]
Pierre Bastien The Girl from Surinam Visions of Doing (CD), 2008
Stella Chiweshe Tapera {We Are Perishing} Talking Mbira (CD), 2002
Ralph White The Bramble and the Rose The Mongrel's Hoard (Promo CD), 2010 [this release is available only on vinyl (LP) or MP3]
Tony Trischka Old Stone Church Territory (CD), 2008
12:35 AM Brian Woodbury Long May She Wave Variety Orchestra (CD), 2004
New Birth Brass Band Ms. Lollipop Kickin' Some Brass (Compilation CD), 1998
Doctor Nerve Dumb Deconstruction Every Screaming Ear (CD), 1997
Už Jsme Doma Cranny {Pulinka} Caves {Jeskynĕ} (CD), 2010
The Pleasure Kills Dancing on My Bed Bring Me a Match (CD), 2010
1:04 AM Fat Worm of Error Ruined Herbivore/Ruined Appendix Ambivalence and the Beaker (CD), 2010
Arne Nordheim Warszawa Electric (CD), 1974
Blonde Redhead Love or Prison Penny Sparkle (CD), 2010
Trentemøller Tide Into the Great Wide Yonder (CD), 2010
1:40 AM Amira/Merima Kijučo Kradem Ti Se Zumra (CD), 2010
The Sandwitches Song of Songs Duck Duck Goose! (Single-sided 12" EP), 2010
Darin Gray & Loren Connors Part 4 The Lost Mariner (LP), 2009 [recordings from 1998]
Neil Young Rumblin' Le Noise (CD), 2010
The Foreign Cinema Ice Machine Non-Synchronous Sound (CD EP), 2009
2:05 AM M.I.A. XXXO Maya (CD), 2010
The Chemical Brothers Escape Velocity Further (CD), 2010
The Who Baba O'Riley Who's Next (CD), 1971
Woven Hand The Threshing Floor The Threshing Floor (CD), 2009
2:30 AM Yair Yona Struggled So Hard Remember (CD), 2010
R.L. Burnside Crying Won't Make Me Stay Mississippi Hill Country Blues (CD), 1984
Paul Pena & Kongol-Ol Ondar Kargyraa Moan Genghis Blues|Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD), 2000
Huun-Huur-Tu Xöömeyimny Kagbasla Men {I Will Not Abandon My Xöömei} Where Young Grass Grows (CD), 1999
Peter Kowald/Miya Masaoka/Gino Robair View Eighteen Illuminations {Several Views} (CD), 2003
Liver Cancer Scum Horrible Moment (CD-R), 2010
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