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Monday, 5/24/10, 6:00-9:00 AM
Time Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
6:03 AM Sylvania East Side Symphony Egbi Mi O/Black Man's Cry (medley) Black Man's Cry|The Inspiration of Fela Kuti (Compilation CD), 2009 [recordings from the 1970s-1990s; track was originally released in 1973 on Sylvania East Side Symphony's album "Down to Earth"]
Finn Riggins A President, A Pacifist, an Auto Restorer A Soldier, A Saint, a Ocean Explorer (CD), 2007
Nymph Snow Song New Millennium Prayer (CD-R), 2010
Mi Ami Secrets Steal Your Face (CD), 2010
Pistol Whip Tellin' You Terminal (CD+DVD), 2009 [recordings from 1977/1978; track was recorded in 1978 and is previously unreleased]
Buzzcocks I Can't Control Myself Time's Up (CD), 2000 [recordings from 1977]
6:34 AM Moist Fist Israel Moist Fist (CD), 1993
Groop Therapy Ronnie, Ronnie Alien Psychos & Wild Things Volume Fore (Compilation CD), 2007 [recordings from 1965-1970; track was originally released in 1967 on Groop Therapy's 7" "Ronnie, Ronnie/I've Got to Leave This World"]
Xiu Xiu Under Pressure Women as Lovers (CD), 2008
Hermanos Calatrava Space Oddity Absolute Belter (Compilation CD), 2010 [recordings from the 1960s/1970s; track was originally released in 1974 on as the B-side to Hermanos Calatrava's "Gigi l'Amoroso" 7"]
Yacht It's Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want See Mystery Lights (CD), 2009
7:04 AM Kodo Ektal Mondo Head (CD), 2002
Kali Morning Nature Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang, China (Compilation CD), 2010
A Hawk and a Hacksaw Vasalisa Carries a Flaming Skull Through the Forest Délivrance (CD), 2009
Ellen Weller The Rebbe's Premonition (Doina) Spirits, Little Dreams, and Improvisations (CD), 2004
Khi Darag For Better Luck, Wait Until Autumn Khi Darag (CD-R), 2009
7:35 AM Miguel Frasconi and Denman Maroney Gloss Gleam (CD), 2010
The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet with the Ojai Camerata Ave Maria and Commune Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet//Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet: The Alchemical Mass/Suite Solutio (CD), 2004
Savina Oj Devojka Moja Echoes from the Mountain (CD), 1996
Jónsi Kolniður Go (CD), 2010
Mark Growden Coyote Saint Judas (CD), 2009
8:10-9:00 AM Interview with/((Live in KUSF Studio B)) performance by JouJou
8:12 AM JouJou Goridh'gi Goridh'go Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:24 AM JouJou La Canzone del Pane Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:34 AM JouJou Dayler Dayler Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:42 AM The Residents The Whispering Boys Animal Lover (CD), 2005
8:48 AM JouJou Rotaro Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:51 AM JouJou Mimi Eej Temechin Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:54 AM JouJou Tirioni Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:56 AM JouJou Domhnall Live in KUSF Studio B, 2010
8:59 AM JouJou Marions les Roses Mellifluous (CD-R), 2009
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