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Saturday, 4/16/11, 12:00-3:00 AM (Time Warp)
Time Artist/Band Track Title CD/LP/EP/7"/Compilation
12:00 AM Einstürzende Neubauten Ein Seltener Vogel/Ozean und Brandung Perpetuum Mobile (CD), 2004
12:14 AM Unmen The Honey Siege Music in Motion (CD), 1995
12:29 AM Aochi Sox + Shoes Monkeys & Bananas (7"), 1996
Little Bang Theory Magnificent 7 Samurai Elementary (CD), 2008
SunnO)) Big Church Monoliths & Dimensions (CD), 2009
12:50 AM Francis Dhomont En Cuerdas Jalons (CD), 2003
1:02 AM Six Organs of Admittance River of Transfiguration The Sun Awakens (CD), 2006
1:27 AM Vacuum Tree Head Potpourri Discoteca MM2 (CD), 2011 [rare/unreleased recordings from 1991-2003; track was originally released on the Freeway Magazine Improvised Music Compilation cassette in 1993]
Rich West I'm a Cockroach; Adapt, Adapt-Part One Mayo Grout's Known Universe (CD), 2009
1:51 AM Creedle Kundalini Oh! Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (CD), 1994
2:00 AM Black Mayonnaise Radiation Dissipative Structure (12" EP), 2009
2:14 AM Diamanda Galás Ter Vogormia Defixiones: Will and Testament/Orders from the Dead (Double CD), 2003
Degenerate Art Ensemble Spacegirl 6 Cuckoo Crow (CD), 2007
2:36 AM Andy's Car Crash Formes Formes (CD), 2000
2:58 AM The Moles Treble Metal Instinct (CD), 1994
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