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Ask TWW Anything!

My Love Life... My Obsession

Welcome to my Ask TWW page!  We finally got a letter!  Read on:

Dear TWW,
I know you ain't no Hibernia Beach or dear abby (thank God) so I'll
just ask
you for some advice that comes from the teen heart. First my love life.
it! I have none! I mean, I like this girl but she keeps avoiding me and
putting me off. She likes the class mascot for God's sake! So, what
should I
Next, my obsession. F---- that too. Well, my friends don't really agree
in my
obsession with 'horror' movies. Maybe I do overdo it, but... that's
just me...
so what should I do for this?
Help, Ab - I mean TWW.
oh yeah, hibernia broke up. f----ing howard stern. first raggin' on
herman, now this!

I choose to remain anonymous.

Dear Anonymous:
    Thanks for the letter.  Thank you, first of all, for cencoring your obscenities.  
On to your questions.  It is perfectly normal for a man of your age to have crushes
on women.  Maybe she is putting you off because she has feelings for you too.  As for
the mascot, well, maybe we better just leave that alone.  
    Next, your obsession.  I don't know you, so I can not really answer this question.
I will try my hardest.  If you like something, keep on with it, just try not to overdo
it like your friends may say you do.  For instance, I enjoy music, but does that make me obsessed?
NO.  Just because you like something never makes you obsessed, unless, of course, you like
it too much, again, as your friends say you like horror movies.  
    Now, Hibernia Beach Live was the show that inspired this section, so I am sad
to see that go.  I will try my hardest to keep on with my Ask TWW section, even though 
I have no more inspiration in HBL.

Chris "The Writers' Writer"