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Chris&Ted's Entertainment Domain

MY NEW INTERVIEW WITH DJ GINSENG IS NOW UP! CLICK HERE to access it! This Page Updated July 19, 1998!

Hello everybody. This is my webpage. It used to be Chris&Ted's Beef Liver Treats, but wasn't that getting kind of old? Anyway, my page has been around for a few months over a year, and it has gotten better each and every month. In this page, you will find news about what is going on in my life, along with sports news, and things that are going on in the city and world. I am a young writer who has been inspired by many things, and has come to make a page, and live out some of my intentions, which is to write to my fullest.

Now, a little about the authors of this page. My name is Chris. I live in SF, California, and go to a private High School. I am a freshmen in high school, no, i'm sorry, i'm not kip kinkle. My cousin, Ted, is a teacher at a public high school. We both came up with the idea to create a webpage like this. I don't want to give to much info on us, so thats all i'm gonna give you. Well, I guess I'll see ya on the other sections, and for God Sakes, EMAIL ME OR IM ME IF YOU WANT!

I also wanna say thanx to the person who has given me some ideas for my page.... yo thanks bro(T2h3o7r6n6)!! Peace-- Updated July 19, 1998, thanx to all those who helped!!

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