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Welcome to our Home. It may be may not get updated a lot...but, IT IS QUEEN GUINEVERE!  Guess who's Birthday is Coming up?  Mine?  And in other news... Finally, the web page has been updated and looks pretty damn good.  At least a lot better than it did before with the lovely pink background.  Big thanks to my bud Jacob Sherman for the actual coding of the page, big thanks to Sarah, for finally making me do this, and big thanks to Rocky (Me) for just being a hell of a guy and making all of these lovely images...damn i'm smooth.


Who wants to know what the largest Prime Number is? We did! We do! In fact here it is, all 909,526 digits...HA!  No more prime number for you math nuts! (It had a tendency to crash out some peoples i guess Morlips is User Friendly now, JUST LIKE MICROSOFT!!!)Unfortunately, that means that we are no longer an educational site...I feel

Sarlips is no longer attending 


in Rohnert Park, California and will be attending Bakersfield College during the summer of 2000 and for the fall of 2000. I would like to be finished with my IGETC requirements by the Spring of 2001 so that I can go to a school which I can love and adore. Or at least respect. Ok, the goal is UC Davis...but, who is setting goals?
Learn Torah!
My top choices right now include the 

Sarlips is contemplating going to Rabbinical school after the undergraduate work is done, however she is still on the Broadcast Journalism trip as well. Whereas Kymor is still planning on working for the ACLU or working with Monkeys teaching them sign language. Althuogh the only definite plan is to grow his hair out forever, and be a Philosophy major who sits in a chair and does nothing but think. Unless this "I like people" buisiness continues to grow and turns Rocky into a personable person.

Kymor is no longer attending 


in our hometown of BuckOwensville.  Next year he will be going to Santa Barbara City College in lovely Santa Barbara, California. And at the present time is interested in transferring to the 




To all of those interested in becoming members of the Sarky Morlips (Sarah & Rocky) fan club, please feel free to email us. Thanks.


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