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Prince Moon's Moon Kingdom Central

The domain of Prine Moon has returned at last. I have rebuilt my page after having it tragically crash as a result of the machinations of the evil Negaverse agent who plagues the computers of all true moonies whilst they sleep. But I have overcome the dreaded "system Crash" demon to return the story of Prince Moon to you. I will be re-writing and re-vamping the story over the next several months, so enjoy!

12/10/97 Notice!!! episodes 1&2 are complete! Those that remember the old page will see similarities, but I tried to improve the story some. Expect Episode three by Jan. 1st.

12/30/97 Notice!!! episode three is done. episode 4 should be done within a month, but no promises. I start school again Jan.5 and my schedule is packed. thank you for your continued support.

1/6/98 Notice!!! Happy New Year! Episode 4 is complete! If you follow the page check it out and spread the word to all who would be interested! Expect episode 5 sooner than later.

1/7/98 Notice!!! I have just completed the profile and origin synopsis for Prince Moon. Feel free to use either in your site and fan fics if you want, just get my permission first.

1/9/98 Notice!!! A new section has appeared on this page! Check out the Japanese-North American name conversions for purists!

1/14/98 Notice!!! Episode #5 is done(sort of). It was longer than expected and will be a "to be continued" storyline through episode #7.

EXTREMELY IMPOTANT NOTICE!!! I can no longer enter hotmail for the time being so if you need to contact me, do it at "". Thank you and forgive the incovinence.

Special Note: I have decided to use the Japanese names of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. If this makes no sense to you, check out the conversion page!!!

NOTICE OF NOTICES!!! This fan fic is going to a FULL NOVEL FORAMT!!!!! Check out chapter #1 and all following chapters at the link below and bookmark the new site!!! More chapters will be added there as I have the time to write them. I will also KEEP THIS SITE GOING because I like it and the profile, conversions, etc. still apply. I will also keep the old episodes 1-5 up and brief synopses of the novel, but I will not write more episodes that way unless I am asked to do otherwise! Thank you for your time and attention! :-)

Notice to readers: Please forget anything from the Temple meeting on in Episode 5. I really screwed that up and I let the story go in a direction that I do not like. The rest will be in the novel edition in some form, but the drivel is OUT!!! Also, the Moon Warrior persona is on thin ice. I may or may not keep it in, I haven't decided yet.


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