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Animals and Critters
Last Updated: 04/26/2002
Welcome to Michael's animals and critters page.

Here are four pictures (Muffy). Muffy is a Cockapoo, and was born in Hesperia, CA on June 25th 1993. Muffy is a house dog. She loves to ride in my truck, she loves to follow me around everywhere I go in the house, she loves to play ball, she loves to sleep and most of all, she loves to bark! She barks at everyone and everything. Here is a sound byte of Muffy barking. Warning: it's loud!

Muffy picture 1
Muffy picture 2
Muffy picture 3
Muffy picture 4
Muffy at 5 months.
Muffy at 3 months.
Muffy with her fancy hat on 4/21/2002
Muffy looking so cute! 3/23/2002

Here are a couple pictures of the most cutest Cockapoo I have ever seen. His name is Pancho, owned by Robin. If you have any questions you would like to ask Robin about Pancho, feel free to e-mail her at,
Bio - Pancho was born 11/19/97 in Sacramento with two other sisters and a brother. He moved to Novato when he was 8 weeks old to live with Robin and his aunt Elin. He enjoys hiking, fetching ball and hiding his bones near his pal "Koala." He has dreams of being a circus dog but his Mommy won't let him run away to join.
Pancho picture 1
Pancho picture 2
Pancho picture 3
Pancho picture 4

Here are four pictures of Mindy. Mindy is a Cocker Spaniel. Mindy loves to play ball, ride in the car, and loves to come stay in the house. Mindy was adopted from the Orange County animal shelter, August 6th 1993. She was born in August of 1992. Unknown date.
Mindy picture 1
Mindy picture 2
Mindy picture 3
Mindy picture 4

Here is a picture of Harely. Harley is a female Rottweiler. Here is a picture of her jumping off of a high dive dock at the river. She is the most tame Rott I have ever known, and loves to play ball!
Rottweiler jumping

Here are three pictures of my desert tortoise. His name is Arizona. This tortoise was given to my family about 25 years ago. We have had him ever since. He has dug a huge hole under a shed in our backyard, and this is where he hibernates (sleeps) in the winter for about 5 months. During the summer he just crawls around in the backyard or is just laying out in the sun trying to stay warm. He eats lettuce, grass and green leaves. Take a look!
My desert tortoise picture 1
My desert tortoise picture 2
My desert tortoise picture 3

Here is a couple of pictures of a Beaver. I took this picture on July 3rd 2000 on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona. This Beaver was just swimming around in front of the river house dock late one evening. I was surprised to see him out cause of all the noise, people and boats that were on the river that day. Beavers are usually out late at night when it's quiet and no one is around. This Beaver was very big with a huge tail and probably close to 3 feet long.
Beaver picture 1
Beaver picture 2

This picture, of this tarantula was taken in November of 1998 in the Mojove desert. I was on a camping trip and this tarantula was just quietly crawling through our campsite.
Tarantula picture

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