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Hello, and welcome to my Web page! Take off your shoes, get comfortable and stay awhile. What's this site all about? Well, from time to time, you may find bits and pieces here about the arts and sciences (including computing), and whatever else comes to mind. I love to read and have varied interests.

This site continues to evolve. It began as a strictly personal page (and still retains a lot of that flavor), but as time passes, it is becoming more a family history repository. In that sense, I think it is beginning to have a purpose, something I had my doubts about when I put up the first page. At any rate, I hope it shows that I find Web page construction fun. I'm also hoping you'll find this site improving as I continue to learn new skills.

To introduce myself, I'm a former public school teacher, originally from South Carolina, who left that time-honored profession to join the United States Navy in 1971. I subsequently retired from the Navy as a Chief Hospital Corpsman in 1993, then went back to school to pursue photography, art history, history (I particularly enjoy the history of World War II in the Pacific), computers and computer networking.

And where am I, you ask? Well, I've lived here in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, with my wife Betty and son Karl since leaving the Navy, but we're no newcomers to this area. Betty and Karl have been in San Diego continuously since 1980, long enough to have forgotten the cold winters of our native South Carolina. We've truly fallen in love with Southern California sunshine, and it's difficult to imagine living anywhere else!

Drop by this site often, and be sure to visit the News page each time, or you may miss something. In the past six years, my work responsibilities with my company (Resolute Partners, LLC) have changed, and I talk about what's new in that arena there. Also, if you are a family member, you may be interested in the "My Family Tree Maker Page". It's a relatively new link, and I've put our family tree on that page.

Lastly, I've updated The Writer's Corner,this time with a little article about some of the historical sites in the Beaufort, SC Lowcountry I remember from my tour of duty there. The brief History of Dr. C. C. Johnson's Pharmacy, about the drugstore my family owned and operated in Aiken, South Carolina for eighty years is still up, also. As time permits, I hope to expand this piece, mainly because the drugstore played such an important role in my early development that I have trouble defining who I am without it; but also because it meant so much to so many members of my immediate and extended family, and because it was such a unique community institution.

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