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April/95 to Aug/95
Sept/98 to Present Day - Child Care Worker - supervisor Margaret 423-4315
Duties included:
  • organizing daily field trips and crafts
  • supervising and organizing a physical exercise program.
  • helping with food preparations
  • helping to maintain daily records
  • supervising and caring for children

June/94 to Sept/98: Clerk/cashier Big General Convenience Store, South St. supervisor Mr. Kim 422-2231
Duties included:

  • work unsupervised for my shifts
  • train new staff
  • maintaining supply lists
  • handling of large amounts of cash
  • stocking and helping to maintain stock shelves
  • receiving and checking stock items
June/94 to Nov 8/94 McDonalds, Quinpool Rd.
Duties included:
  • serving and preparing food
  • stocking
  • maintaining a clean neat work place.
  • cashier
Occasional Consulting
Tasks Preformed:
  • Installing operating system
  • Installing and configuring software
  • Recomending software and hardware based on persons needs
  • Teaching skills needed to operate and maintain systems


  • I enjoy and work well in group situations
  • I have excellent communication skills
  • I am a self motivated worker
  • I take pride in my work and accomplishments
  • I am a quick learner and adapt well to new situations
  • I can type 45-50 wpm.
  • I hold a valid drivers license.
  • Birth Date November 20, 1975


  • As as part of the requirements to receiving my Chief Scout Award from Scouts Canada, I had to have 200 community service hours
  • I was appointed Head Patrol leader with the fourth Halifax Scout Troop.
  • I was second in charge after Head Scout Master (supervising 55 boys)
  • In conjunction with 2 other leaders I trained approximately 300 scouts in pre-alert and Survival training.
  • I was responsible for organizing and supervising weekend and week long camping trips
  • I helped organizing weekly meetings and ensuring all reports and statistics were kept up to date and available.
  • I helped maintain and keep itemized lists of stores and supplies and camping equipment.
  • I was responsible for monitoring patrol leaders as they carried out their duties
  • I was also responsible for maintaining a good rapport between leaders and boys, ensuring things ran smoothly and efficiently.
  • I organized training courses and testing for scouts.