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Hello now a little bit about myself. I am a currently a student at Dahousire University, I am studying Computer Science. I enjoy working with computers and have learned most of what I know on my own. I am currently employed by the Maritime Municipal Training and Development Board (MMTDB). We maintain an online database of Municipal Governments and Resources at the URL Munisource

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This might sound to good to be true but this service actually pays you to surf the web. I know it sounds crazy, but it actually does. All you have to do is to download there browser, install and then surf the web with it. So you are thinking what is the catch, well the only catch is that you have to allow the banners they display to pop up. I personally use the browser and the Ad's don't get in my way. If you would like to see a screen shot check it out -=| Here |=-. Try it out just click on the banner above.


My Favorite Cool Links

Macromedia's Shock Rave - Online games, movies, etc.
Microsoft's Gaming Zone - Online games again
The Comic Zone - Many different online comics
Warner Brothers - Many TV shows and movies home pages lie here
Intel's Home Page - A lot of useful information on computer chips
Live Concerts Online - Real Player 5.0 needed


Some Good Software Sites - Many shareware and try before you buy titles
File-Pile - A ton on files
Happy Puppy - Only games and demos on this site
Pilot-Gear - I have a palm pilot and this is the only site I need for software for it
Pc Computing - I good site to goto for software, drivers, or just for tips
TuCow - More good net utilities etc.
Windows95 - The be all and end all for all Windows platforms


Must Have

These are just a few of the program I could not picture using my computer without. I thought you might like to have them too, if you don't already.

LOADING IMAGEThis is an indespencable program I use with friends and relatives. It allows you to send quick messages, chat, send files, or url directly to the persons on your list. It also notifies you when that person is online, offline, busy, or not avalible. Try it out I am sure you will fall in love with it.

LOADING IMAGEThis is a compression program for those who don't know. It is one of the most widely accepted compression programs around try it out if you haven't already.

LOADING IMAGEThis is the web browser I personally use. I think it is easier and has more feature's than competors browsers but you be the judge for yourself.

LOADING IMAGETo be fair I put both of the most popular browsers on this site. Would not want anyone getting mad at me. :)

LOADING IMAGEA cool shell browser for Microsoft Internet Explorer, I like it because it makes searching and managing your favorites in a directory structure format.

LOADING IMAGEOne of the most stable and best operating systems out there. If you program, run a network or are a home user this is the best OS out there. Takes a little getting used to but well worth it. Please try it out.

V3-URLThis is a cool site that gives you a simple URL Redirect so that you exsiting URL isn't so messy (e.g. "" becomes "")



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