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My "Sam Yaw's" , Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album.Please bare with me as this page is under construction !

Sam's Collection of Charactor Pictures on and off the sets

Sam's Collection of Charactor Pictures at Adult Males Diamond Productions Talent Booking

Music By:
Gringoloco Graphics

Sam's B&W Head Shot

B&W Head Shot #2

Santa Sam Yaw & his little Girl-L.A. #2

Sam on set Curly Snack Foods TV Commercial-2002

Back lot of Warner Brothers Studion Wester Bar-TV Commercial-2002

Sam is "GingerBreadMan in-"Smash Mouth Music Vedio"Hit song of "Mokeys-Remix-"Day Dream Beleaver"-Shrek Movie DVD on sale everywhere now!

Sam on a set at Universal Studio's Back Lot -New York Street- in 2001/2002.

"Boo"- Music Vedio-Sam is a Fat Donut eating Cop-2002-song is "Splash" -Hip Hop

Sam At PC Caught on Cam-7/28/02 !

To Date I've done well over 8 Dozzen TV Commercial's in past 4 yrs. ,Here are just a few below.

I've been up graded or featured 4 to 6 times so far on a set. It just goes to show being at right place at right time will pay off. No promises , but keep the faith and keep plugging away. And you to can follow your childhood dreams and desires! I have alot more to learn , but I have already learned quite abit and welcome the road a head of me how or where ever it goes! - where you connect

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  • Cambells Soup-2001-"Photography Foot Ball Field"
  • Jack"N"Box- 13 different ones so far.
  • Mercedez-"Wedding Guest"
  • Verizon-"Street Passer By"
  • Hillshires-"Polka"
  • Curly Foods-"Cowboy Salone Patron"
  • Red Lobster-"Beach Person-Featured"
  • Domino's-"Massager"On TV 2001
  • Pepsi-"Oper House Patron"
  • 7-up-"Prision Food Fight-Prison" ****This Link is for a on line ADS.Com Article Written ,By Noah Tannens on Friday 8/2/02 , about me "Sam Yaw"****
  • Diet Dr. Peper-"Golf Course Patron"
  • Dunkin Donuts-"Little League Stadium Patron"
  • AAA- Dirrectors Reel-Spec TV Commercial-"Singing AA"
  • X-Scream-"Duck Tape"-Dirrector's Reel-Spec Commercial
  • BMW-Films-"Starr"-on Internet Now,Industrial
  • Major League Base Ball-2/01 to 10/01-National-"Die Hard Baseball Fans"
  • Fed-X-2002"Featured Barbque Cook On Stage"-Pending Up Graded Contract"
  • Budwiser-"Ball Park Fan"
  • Miller Beer-"Christmas Bar Patron"
  • E-Trade-"Beach Goer"
  • Roliads -"Race Track Fan"
  • Sony Play Station-"Raider Painted Face Fan"
  • Zima-"Wedding Guest Ball Room"
  • Fed Ex Grilla-6/02-Featuture-"Cook" on Stage

    Music Vedio's -------------

  • Dr. Dre-"Deligate Fan"
  • Smash Mouth-Sherk Re-Mix Day Dream Beleaver"GingerBreadMan"
  • Robbie Williams-"Renasance Goer"
  • Jenifer Lopez-"Towns Person"
  • Pink-"Santa Claus"
  • Boo-New Hip Hop-Artist2002-"Fat Donut Eatting Cop"


    TV Shows:

  • The Parkers- 3 Episodes-2000/2001
  • The Steve Havey Show-3 Episodes-2000-2001
  • S Club Seven-L.A. TOUR-2001


    Featured Films:

  • Family Man-"Air Port Passenger"
  • Big Moma's House-"Towns person"
  • Ready To Rumble-"Featured Fight Fan"
  • Extream Days-"Featured Cab Driver"
  • Alli-"Fight Fan"
  • Scorced-"Featured Hick in Dinner"-2001- (2 Days Sag Vouchers)
  • City By The Sea-"Hand Model-Killer"
  • Walt Disney-Pilot-2002-Featured-King Henry V111-TV Show- "The Out Of Timers"

    Print Job ---------

  • Maxim Magizen-July 2001 (P.#184)"Sports Biker"
  • Fed Ex Grilla-6/02-Featuture-Cook on Stage


    Casting Agency's Los Angeles I'm Registered and work with TV Commercials/Print ,Ect !

  • ExtraExtra- Kristen Nevil & Mariah Roncetti (310)859-6951
  • BTS-Debbie & Ideal James (310)230-9344-Ideal & BTS-Debbie-(818)760-7090
  • Allice Ellis-(310)314-1488
  • Sunset Casting-Colleen-(310)398-5904
  • Background Artist-Chad-(310)577-0329
  • Prime Casting-Peter , Heather , Naomi-(323)962-0377
  • Film Casting-Devan-(323)463-2001
  • Rich King & David Anthony-Back Ground players/Axium-(323)692-1781 x. #10


    Sam's Web Ring Form

    Sam Yaw-Email:

    You Can Write Me At:

  • U.S.Postal Address:Mr. Sam Yaw
  • 4470-107 Sunset Blv.#143
  • Los Angeles,Calif 90027
  • Cell-(323)377-7374

    For Furture Gigs/Jobs/Work up coming. I live in San Bernadino ,Calif about 58 miles from L.A.! I'm ready and willing to work. All Work considered $100.00 & up ,due to traffic and time and preperation to get there.

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    Last up dated 11/7/02

    Sam as "Henry V111" Featured - TV Show "Pilot" Walt Disney- "The Out Of Timers"- 11/06/02 Booked By: Rich King -(323)692-1781 x. # 10 Axium/Back Ground Players