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Operation: Lunarize

I don't know what you do during school, but... well, let's just say that we have nothing better to do than write really long, pointless notes to each other. I think we have enough notes collected by now that we could put them all together and publish them as a novel, but that's another story! =^.^=

Anyhow, one day we stumbled upon a gem. We call it... [insert drum roll here] "Operation: Lunarize." Wanna know more? Well, let's begin by defining "lunarize" (for those of you who haven't figured it out already). Lunarize: a verb meaning to impose the ways of the black moon-cat on a large gathering of people (for example, your school).

If you're interested, here are a few tips for lunarizing your school!


Luna sittin' on Usa's head


First, gather a few fellow moonies, and infiltrate the clubs... then the sports...

Then you can take over, and pretty soon the art club will be drawing manga faithfully at every meeting, the school band will be playing "Moonlight Densetsu", and the cheerleaders will start showing up at football games in sailor suits...

Once you have a foothold in the clubs, taking over the school will be a cinch! You could even convert your teachers! Meow! =^.^=

Now that we've taken over the school, the first thing on the list of priorities is to change the school name to BNH --> Black Neko High! And of course, Luna will be our mascot! New dress code: sailor suits for the gals, tuxedos and capes for the guys. And let's not forget the roses! Instead of French, they'll be teaching Japanese, and instead of studying Shakespeare, we'll study Takeuchi. Who wouldn't prefer an essay on SailorMoon manga to one about Macbeth (yuck!)? And the finishing touch... Instead of the national anthem, we'll sing the Luna Song every morning! Meow! 


Feel free to e-mail us any ideas we haven't thought of for Operation: Lunarize. We will do our best to get them up. Arigato! =^.^=

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