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"Advocating ethical, educational and clinical standards for the profession of Paramedicine."


Code Blue Who we are...

The LPPA is not a union. We are a professional association concerned with professional standards. We're a local division of the Ontario Pramedic Association. Our shared mission is to provide leadership for Paramedics & promote the art and science of Paramedicine. We serve Paramedics and their patients by advocating the highest ethical, educational & clinical standards for the profession of Paramedicine.

Here in London, the medics work through a private company called Thames Valley Ambulance. Commonly known as TVA, it was incorporated in 1960 & is the only company providing emergency ambulance coverage in London & area. A member of the Great Lakes Ambulance Network that provides service to Middlesex County.

Code Blue TVA Statistics

The citizens of London are served by a highly qualified staff of approximately 100 full & part time Primary Care & Advanced Care paramedics. We are a 16 vehicle service with 10 ambulances in service during peek hours of the day & 5 at night. Three of the day crews are designated as transfer only vehicles, but are staffed by fully qualified primary care Paramedics and are called on in emergency situations as needed. We all operate out of one station at 340 Waterloo St. (at York) in downtown London. TVA provides emergency coverage to a population of over 400,000 and an area in excess of 200 square kilometers encompassing communities such as Dorchester, Komoka, Delaware, etc. We are the largest ambulance service in Southwestern Ontario. This involves over 40,000 vehicle responses per year, about 18,000 of which are urgent or emergency responses (code 3's & 4's). This year our vehicles will travel over 565,000 km & burn in excess of 170,000 litres of fuel.

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